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10 Min Realty & Instant Showings

10minrealtyI came across 10 min realty this morning.

Request a showing, instantly.

Sounds like another CurbCall.

The big questions:

  • How will buyers hear about the app?
  • How do you get enough liquidity of agents in a given area to deliver showings in real time?
  • What type of agents will agree to be on-call?

I’d love thoughts from the 10 min realty team on the discussion here.

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  • I must be missing something with these types of startups. What problem are they solving? Access? Clearly it’s an agent-is-a-commodity (or maybe even hurdle) model – certainly not about buyer representation, anyway – so why not just call the listing agent? There’s no more direct path to access than that.

    I’ve scratched my head with these curb call business models. Nobody buys a house like they buy a cheeseburger. The itch doesn’t need to be scratched in 5 minutes. If the seller cannot accommodate a showing for several hours, it’s completely understandable.

    • Did you take a look at curbcall’s home page? They’ve repositioned the offering quite a bit…. I suspect 10 min realty is going to learn the same lessons.

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