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The Addition of Nextdoor to the Zillow Group Network?

You may have seen the news that Nextdoor is releasing a new feature allowing agents to advertise themselves and their properties on the Nextdoor website (Inman coverage).

I think they’ll learn what we learned at Zillow early on: self serve for agents doesn’t really work. (maybe, 10 years later, that’s changed)

What if Zillow Premiere Agent also included automatically featuring one’s listings on Nextdoor? One could argue Nextdoor would generate more revenue from agents IF they partnered with a company with an existing national sales team — even if the revenue share was in the partners favor. I’ve long thought Nextdoor and Zillow were a match made in heaven given their massive geo targeted traffic (and the fact both logos have a house in them). Given the Rich Barton connection (which Saul picked up on) — one could easily wager a guess it’s a matter of when, not if, a Nextdoor-Zillow partnership happens.

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