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I love helping people! that's a little bit about myself. :-)

A Conduit Toolbar for Internet Browsers

by Brad Andersohn on 11:01 am February 13, 2010

Creating A Conduit Toolbar for Internet Browsers is a site that allows you to create a “custom” toolbar that works with popular Internet browsers like Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.  The toolbar can be custom created from scratch, then offered as an additional tool allowing users a direct interface or “Conduit” to the most valuable and important segments and links of your Blog or website. Having a custom toolbar available to readers can add extra value to those who regularly visit your … Read More »

Real Estate RainCamp™

by Brad Andersohn on 7:02 pm February 8, 2010

What the heck is a RainCamp™? Isn’t it really a TechCamp?  Is RainCamp™ anything like REBarCamp?  Maybe you heard this is an event for ActiveRain only?  What makes RainCamp™ different, and why would you want to attend?  Do I have to pay a fee to attend a RainCamp™?  What’s the true value and benefit of going to RainCamp? Hopefully, this will help explain and answer some of these questions: “Real Estate RainCamp™ is a full day Conference/Seminar that is packed with valuable content, presentations, and … Read More »

Real Estate Businesses are Going Mobile

by Brad Andersohn on 3:46 pm October 19, 2009

Real Estate Businesses are Going Mobile Business applications for the Smartphone, Blackberry and iPhone are becoming more of a necessity for today’s Real Estate Industry Professional and Brokerage. Consumers are able to download these applications right from their portable/mobile phones and devices for FREE.  The question is what should be included in your Real Estate Business App? Recently, I had a Business Card app designed by me and built by MobileAppLoader Inc.  At the time, there were only 3 or 4 Real Estate Related Apps … Read More »

REBarCamp – It's ALL about YOU!

by Brad Andersohn on 9:16 am September 20, 2009

REBarCamp – It’s ALL about YOU! Since the very first REBarCamp which started in San Francisco, CA just over a year ago, we have watched and witnessed it become a National Event.  It’s spreading like wildfire.  Every major city in the Country will eventually host one of these and for a very good reason.  REBarCamp is the unconventional un-conference for the Real Estate Industry Professional. “They have evolved into a place for conversations as opposed to presentations.” Once you attend one of these, you’ll find … Read More »

TwitCam – Streaming Video for Twitter

by Brad Andersohn on 2:19 pm July 23, 2009

Livestream announced a new video product for Twitter called This is not a “How To” video product for those who like to put together bicycles without instructions! lol~ All you need is a webcam and a twitter account and you can stream live video and chat on Posts your video description and link to Twitter for followers to see. While broadcasting, chat with viewers from your broadcast page. There is no sign up required, no software required, will handle up to 100,000 plus … Read More »

REBarCamp SF gets iPhone App Launched

by Brad Andersohn on 5:41 pm July 3, 2009

Having just upgraded to the new iPhone 3Gs, I was searching the online appstore at iTunes and found the Brand New iPhone App for the REBarCamp coming to San Francisco on August 4th.  The iPhone app allows you register at the event, track twitter and Facebook comments, pages and updates, gives directions, maps, location, times, who’s coming and more. The new iphone app by MobileApploader is FREE. REBarCamp SF iPhone App I just downloaded the REBarCamp SF app on my iPhone and before I could … Read More »

Social Photo Media Marketing

by Brad Andersohn on 8:14 am March 20, 2009 is one of my favorite photo hosting sites. The SEO generated from Flickr is just one reason I use their “paid” service and membership.  Having said that, here’s a brand new feature PhotoBucket just announced that I hope Flickr will investigate and soon incorporate. Sharing pictures and videos just got a whole lot easier. Photobucket has launched a new one-click sharing to all the major social networking sites and blog sites. Now you can put your favorite video on MySpace, share that awesome picture … Read More »

Retaggr – The Ultimate Social Media Profile

by Brad Andersohn on 12:51 am March 11, 2009

How do you keep track of ALL the social networking sites you’re currently on? Are you on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Friendfeed, ActiveRain and others?  Do you have online profiles scattered all across these continuously growing WEB 2.0 platforms?  How many are you on?  How many are out there? Here’s a great solution to managing all your online sites and anywhere else you may have an Internet presence. allows you to create a profile, add any Social Network site, add custom links to your websites … Read More »

Feedfuze – Managing Your RSS Feeds

by Brad Andersohn on 12:15 pm December 12, 2008

Here’s a great way to syndicate and manage RSS feeds like none other I’ve seen.  Feedfuze allows you to create fuzes, then place them in containers to be hosted on your Blog or Website.  Fully functional with editing capability.  You can select which articles from which feeds you choose to share. The containers can be customized to your specifications and expectations. I have used in the past for multiple RSS feeds, but Feedfuze in my opinion has a better layout with better functionality and … Read More »

LinkedIn gets Linked In

by Brad Andersohn on 4:51 pm November 4, 2008

In my opinion, even with millions of members, LinkedIn has always been a site to ‘meme’ yourself to death, and brag about others.  Recommend, and get recommended.  The site, again in my opinion, was not much more than, an on-line profile, a resume’ of sorts, and a way to have a presence on another semi-social platform.  Naturally though, anyone from any business should, or has a profile there.  Well watch out, LinkedIn has announced some new tools for the members.  I guess LinkedIn wants to be … Read More »

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