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Author Archive – Not so Cool

by Jay Thompson on 12:32 pm July 30, 2008, a new search engine, was released to much fanfare earlier this week. Pronounced “Cool”, my initial findings were, well…. not so cool. Cuil was founded by two former Google engineers (and another from IBM). Obviously these are very smart folks. According to Cuil, their claim to fame is: “Cuil searches more pages on the Web than anyone else—three times as many as Google and ten times as many as Microsoft. Rather than rely on superficial popularity metrics, Cuil searches for and ranks pages based … Read More »

Active Rain Launches "Outside Blogs"

by Jay Thompson on 6:27 pm June 25, 2008

ActiveRain (AR), a large network of real estate professionals just announced they have launched “Outside Blogs”. Here is the initial announcement from Brad Andersohn, Active Rain Community Builder and GeekEstateBlog contributor. What is an Active Rain Outside Blog (AROB)? That’s ARspeak for a blog that lies outside the confines of the ActiveRain domain. Sort of. It looks like the outside blogs are simply posted to a sub-domain of AR. For example, if I wanted my AROB to be named “Jay’s Blog” the domain would wind … Read More »

Guideline for Effectively Marketing Real Estate Websites

by Jay Thompson on 10:59 am June 15, 2008

I recently ran across an excellent online real estate marketing guide, written by the folks at Topics covered include: Domain NamesKeyword ResearchPay Per Click Search Engine MarketingWeb AnalyticsOn Page OptimizationLink BuildingContent SyndicationBlogging The guide is well written, in easy to understand non-geek speak. Deeply linked, it offers something for everyone from the new-to-online marketing to the seasoned veteran. Highly recommended reading. Mortgage also offer a nifty array of mortgage calculators, including one of the better free mortgage calculators I’ve seen that you can embed on your website … Read More »

Sawbuck Realty Serves up One Millionth Listing View

by Jay Thompson on 2:42 pm June 11, 2008

Sawbuck Realty announced today that their site visitors have viewed over 1,000,000 listings since the site went live — on January 30th. That’s a pretty serious ramp-up in traffic — evidence to me that consumers out there like, want and need an easy-to-use online home search system. Sawbuck has an interesting business model, and a wicked cool on-line search. They are currently live in Washington, D.C. (and apparently doing well) and are planning to expand to “several new markets in the coming months” including Baltimore, Philadelphia and Chicago. … Read More »

Whooping it up on Woopra

by Jay Thompson on 11:28 am May 18, 2008

Looking for a cool web site analytics package? Look no further than Woopra. Currently in “live beta”, you’ll need to go to the site and request an account. And be prepared to wait — the waiting list is long. It took me about a month to get my account activated. What can Woopra do?  From their “Features” page: Woopra’s revolutionary server architecture, combined with its intuitively designed client software, enables seamless tracking of visitors. Webmasters can track over 40 different statistical events and analytics. Never before … Read More »

Get 4RealzED: Internet Marketing Education for Realtors

by Jay Thompson on 9:22 am February 26, 2008

Dustin Luther of Rain City Guide and fame, along with Jim Marks at Virtual Results are launching “Valuable Internet Marketing Education for Realtors”. (“affiliate” link) A one-day seminar that promises to be jam-packed with useful info is offered. Cost is $149 and includes a light breakfast and full lunch (note to potential organizers of such events — offering Realtors food is a good idea). I’m not familiar with Jim, but I have no doubt that virtually anyone could benefit from Dustin’s experience and enthusiasm. … Read More »

Point2 Agent Changing Pricing Model

by Jay Thompson on 12:14 am February 21, 2008

Point2 Agent has changed their pricing model. Up until today, a “Standard” Point2 NLS membership has been free. Point2 provides a 15 page web site, and membership in their “NLS” (National Listing Service) for no charge. An email I received this evening states that NLS memberships requested after February 20 will be free for six months, then cost $9.95 per month. If you already had a Standard level Point2 site prior to February 20th, 2008, you have been granted an exemption. If you wish to … Read More » A New Player in Real Estate Search

by Jay Thompson on 7:09 am January 23, 2008 launched this morning at midnight Pacific time. (Full press release is below) Not unexpectedly, those champions of getting the news out to the — Joel, Dustin and Greg — have already summarized well the features of Roost. Go forth and read their favorable reviews. I had the opportunity to preview Roost last week. I can tell that after speaking with Matt Cullen, the VP of Business Development for Roost, that these folks are passionate and serious about their product. They are also quite willing to work … Read More »

New Zillow Logo

by Jay Thompson on 6:05 am January 10, 2008

Don’t worry that GeekEstate is turning into some sort of logo reporting blog (see previous post — New Inman Logo — if that makes no sense). Last night pre-released some news to a few bloggers attended Inman Connect NYC that they were rolling out significant changes to the Zestimate algorithm, increased numebr of homes in the data base and more. You can see a good summary at Bloodhound Blog and I wrote a little about it too at Phoenix Real Estate Guy. Zillow feels … Read More »

Links for Geeks – Google Blogoscoped

by Jay Thompson on 12:08 am December 21, 2007

Google Blogoscoped is a nifty little blog that is chocked full of all sorts of Google goodness. From posts about Google history, to what makes Google tick, to new Googelish features, it is a great add to any geek’s feed reader. It is not an “Official Google Blog” ala this or this, but don’t let that stop you. It contains a wealth of information in a well written style.

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