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360 Tours On Your iPhone 2.0 – Well Sort Of

by Larry Lohrman on 2:17 pm July 13, 2008

On Friday I managed to update my “old” iPhone to 2.0 software. I think iPhone apps and the iTunes app store are the most significant feature of the recent Apple iPhone upgrade circus. Since I’m a hopelessly addicted 360 image geek the first iPhone app I downloaded from the store was the PangeaVR 360 image viewer by Brian Greenstone of Pangea Software. The fascinating part of the app is how the image slowly floats from landscape to portrait mode as you move the phone around … Read More » Sets A High Standard For Property Video

by Larry Lohrman on 10:28 am June 5, 2008

As a still photographer I’ve have difficulty getting into many of the property vids being done for real estate because of all the quality compromises currently necessary with vid. However, when I recently came across this property vid done by Brad Clements of a property vid company in Australia, I was stunned. This by far the best real estate property vid I’ve seen. Brad is an ex-Hollywood cameraman that worked on big Hollywood films but got home sick for Australia and went back home … Read More »

The Bar is Rising For Real Estate Photography

by Larry Lohrman on 12:00 pm April 28, 2008

Last Friday (April 25) we put on what I think is the first ever Real Estate Photography workshop. The sign-up process was a good indication of the current popularity of this subject. We sold out a week in advance. We sold several canceled seats almost instantly and I was still getting requests to attend the workshop on the way to the event. Of the 30 attendees, 7 were Realtors and 23 were practicing or beginning real estate photographers. Mike Byron, of the John L Scott, … Read More »

Light, Bright Real Estate Photos Without Lighting

by Larry Lohrman on 5:54 pm April 21, 2008

On my last shoot of a home in Issaquah, I tried a technique that is becoming popular with real estate photographers. It’s called High Dynamic Range (HDR for short) or Exposure Fusion. This technique allows you to produce interior photos that are light and bright without using any complicated lighting equipment. The way this works is you shoot a series of photos 2 stops in exposure apart and then use special software to combine the best parts of each into a single image. The big … Read More »

Does Adobe Photoshop Express Have everything Realtors Need?

by Larry Lohrman on 4:13 pm March 28, 2008

I’ve been using the new Photoshop Express beta that Michael Price did a post on earlier and wanted to do a follow up post to Michael’s. First of all I want to say that I think Photoshop Express is a really slick app that has a ton of cool features. However, I want to consider Photoshop Express specifically from the point of view of real estate photography. To do that, I’ll use the photo above, an actual photo from the NWMLS taken by a Realtor … Read More »

Real Estate Photography Workshop- April 25

by Larry Lohrman on 10:00 pm February 25, 2008

Recently the readers of my blog and the associated flickr group decided that they wanted to organize some workshops on real estate photography so they’ve put together an initial workshop in Seattle on April 25 to tryout the concept. For all the details and online registration click here. We’ve decided to bring Scott Hargis, a popular real estate photographer up from San Francisco who has developed some innovative lighting techniques for using multiple off-camera flashes to light interiors, to do one of the workshop sessions. … Read More »

Create Fast and Easy Slide Shows With Lightroom

by Larry Lohrman on 10:45 pm February 7, 2008

I’ve talked about About Adobe Lightroom in a previous posts. Lightroom has become the center of my work-flow for photography. It’s everything a camera owner needs. One of of Lightroom’s fantastic features is it’s ability to take a collection of finish photos and FTP them to your website in slide show form. Other photo-editors can do various degrees of this but Lightroom is built so that 3rd parties can build slide show templates. A number of 3rd parties are making really slick slide show templates. … Read More »

PAP: A Little Added Elevation Really Helps Exterior Real Estate Shots

by Larry Lohrman on 10:48 pm January 23, 2008

It never ceases to amaze me how much a little added elevation can help out a exterior real estate shot. Because the front exterior shot is what buyers doing web searches initially see of homes a little extra effort and expense can be well worth the added cost. There are a number of ways to get a little higher that street level: Stand on a vehicle while shooting… I have a pick-up and regularly stand in the bed or better yet on the cab to … Read More »

Realtor Scott Kleiman Needs Your Help To Live

by Larry Lohrman on 4:23 pm January 14, 2008

Susanne Hayek who is a real estate photographer in the Pasadena, CA area and reader of my blog told me yesterday that her good friend Scott Kleiman who is a Realtor at Sotheby’s in Pasadena is very sick with CLL (Leukemia) and needs to find a matching bone marrow donor to survive. Scott was Susanne’s very first client four years ago when she started shooting real estate photography and is a big supporter of real estate photography. If you are a match you may be … Read More »

Real Estate Photographer Directory

by Larry Lohrman on 2:36 pm January 4, 2008

More and more Realtors and home sellers are taking advantage of the expertise of professional real estate photographers. In the slower market these days great photography is an obvious way to complete with all the other listings in this high inventory market. I’ve been building a real estate photographer directory as a service to my blog readers ( about 75-80% of my readers are RE photographers ) over the last year or so. The directory is currently up to just over 130 photographers and has … Read More »

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