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Homesnap + Broker Public Portal

by Drew Meyers on 2:54 pm January 20, 2017


I saw the news that Homesnap and Broker Public Portal formed an equally owned joint venture. (click here for prior writing on Broker Public Portal) A few things… First, I’m still unclear EXACTLY what the goal of Broker Public Portal is? Second, is the new joint venture a FOR PROFIT initiative? Third, I ask again — why exactly will a consumer care about BPP/Homesnap? Fourth, consider the following: “ and a number of other MLSs have been able to capture a reasonable share of voice in online consumer … Read More »

HouseCanary – A Big Attempt in the AVM (Data) Space

by Drew Meyers on 12:00 pm January 14, 2017


I saw this morning that HouseCanary raised a $33 million Series A. There have been a number of AVM attempts over the past decade. When I look at HouseCanary’s home page, they are much more CoreLogic, Onboard Informatics, or Home Junction than they are Zillow. Which surprised me. Why raise $33 million for a B2B data sales business model? I don’t get it. I’m assuming there must be a much grander vision pitched to investors than is indicated on their website.

Seattle in Progress — and an Agent/Broker/Franchise Opportunity

by Drew Meyers on 1:22 pm January 13, 2017

seattle in progress

I found Seattle in Progress (a web app by Ethan Phelps-Goodman) this morning in the Evergrey newsletter…it helps you figure out what’s being built in the city of Seattle. Guess what I did when I found it? I immediately sent it to my friend who lives a few blocks from me. Both he and his wife thought it was a cool and valuable (that’s the key part) website even though they are not buying or selling. I also sent it to my sister and brother-in-law, both of who … Read More »

Bright MLS, and a new Era of MLS

by Drew Meyers on 1:00 pm January 12, 2017


Bright MLS launched their new website… Greg’s right, it’s audacious. I like it. There’s no sense batting for a single when a home run is possible. There’s one section I question in their Our Story section: We want to empower everyone to get more out of the MLS. We want brokers to access better business and recruiting insights. We want agents and appraisers to have first access to more data. And we want to give them better tools for doing so. We want consumers to … Read More »

The Pitch, and an Example of Great Writing

by Drew Meyers on 10:00 am


Every entrepreneur has to pitch their business from time to time. Every real estate agent/broker has to pitch themselves from time to time (their business is themselves). Since you’re likely an entrepreneur or agent/broker reading this blog — there’s zero doubt you should read Marc Davison’s latest post, Pitch Perfect. In it, he references a Ron Popeil video filmed in 1956: Now, go read the post, and practice your pitch. PS 1: It’s posts like this which make it so obvious why I mentioned Marc in this list in 2010. PS … Read More »

Introducing Geek Estate Labs

by Drew Meyers on 10:00 am January 11, 2017


I’ve never really run Geek Estate as a business, and never had any legal entity behind it. That changed a few months ago when I finally setup Geek Estate Labs LLC for my consulting work & to handle sponsors (contact Mike if you’re interested). Some of you may have seen the new tab for Geek Estate Labs. What do we do? From our about page: We’re interested in building amazing products, and helping great companies succeed. Our specialty are technology businesses spanning real estate, travel, and community. We want … Read More »

Real Estate Brokerages/Franchises…and Innovation?

by Drew Meyers on 9:00 am


I read Patrick Sisson’s piece on Curbed, Can cities create innovation hubs that work for the entire economy? The future of cities is a topic that intrigues me, and believe innovation hubs are part of that (for some cities). Durham seems to be proving that. Innovation hubs are fundamentally about community. Those that succeed in real estate, are in the business of building community. Why aren’t brokerages / franchises investing in local innovation labs?

What Do You Need Help with in 2017?

by Drew Meyers on 9:00 am January 10, 2017

We can’t guarantee we can help everyone, but we wanted to make an attempt at matching needs and haves within the Geek Estate community in 2017. If you would please fill out the following form with the one thing you need the most help with, and one thing you feel you can offer to others — that would be fantastic. Mike and I will connect people manually (we are the only ones who will see the list, and no information will be shared aside from contact … Read More »

Meet the Founder: Kristyn Roth from KoaWare

by Drew Meyers on 12:02 pm January 9, 2017


In our latest real estate tech interview, I’m talking to Kristyn Roth from KoaWare, a property website builder for agents/brokers based in Orange County. We first spoke early last year and met her in San Francisco at Inman. What do you do? I’m Co-Founder and CMO at KoaWare, an easy-to-use, customizable website builder for real estate professionals. Our proprietary software aims to streamline content in a beautiful, modern way, while still offering robust functionality within our real estate marketing tool set. We offer a Property Website creation … Read More »

Alexa: I Bit the Bullet

by Drew Meyers on 12:51 pm January 8, 2017

Echo dot

After having thought on it for awhile — I finally ordered an Echo Dot this week, and it arrived on my doorstep yesterday. Why’d I bite the bullet, even though my gut is the only thing I’ll actually use Alexa for is to play music? The Echo Dot is only $50, so it’s not a huge investment. Beyond that, as a product person — I want to understand the fuss about Alexa and have a good grasp on consumer behavior based on first hand experience, rather than … Read More »

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