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Bob Goldberg’s First Video as NAR CEO

New NAR CEO Bob Goldberg’s first video [via 1000watt’s email]:

Honestly, I have no real opinion of Bob. Never met him, and haven’t spoken about him with anyone who knows/works with him.

“Smart changes”? “Improve the lines of communication”? “Concentrated effort to stay in touch regularly”?

My gut reaction after watching the video twice is it’s laced full of PR-speak, and not a lot of actionable words. Maybe that’s just me.

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  • I found all my interaction with NAR to be very frustrating. Maybe this new push on social media will get them listing more to their members which would be nice.

    • I honestly don’t think social media is going to solve any real problems. It’ll just create more noise. At least that’s my gut.

      • Good point. If they continue not listening to members, it just creates more noise.

        For me personally after being rejected multiple times when asking for help I just focus on my business and do not worry about NAR.

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