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Buyer and Seller Pain Points in 2018

How do you reach and acquire clients in 2018?

Start with answering what actual “pain points” (aka problems) buyers and sellers have?

  • Buyer: Getting placed on (irrelevant and non personalized) drip email campaigns — meaning they don’t ever contact agents early on to ask them questions
  • Buyer: Too many listings to sort through (depending on geography, and the price bands they are searching for)
  • Buyer: Lack of housing inventory (the opposite of the point above)
  • Buyer: Not earning enough income to afford what they want
  • Buyer: No money for a down payment
  • Seller: Have equity in a home and want to upgrade, but no inventory is available matching their criteria
  • Seller: Not knowing how much over asking price their home will sell for
  • Seller: Lack of communication from listing agent
  • Buyer: Can’t win against multiple (cash) bids (see below)

More on FlyHomes’ guarantee here (their co-founder Steve is a member of Geek Estate)

My tip for those aggressively seeking to expand your business in 2018? Solve a problem.

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