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Uncovering Your "Hidden" Inbox in Facebook

by Drew Meyers on 11:54 pm December 20, 2011

Katie Lance at Inman Next put together a great video showing you how to uncover your “hidden” inbox in Facebook. In addition to messages directed at only you, there may be “hidden” messages posted on your business pages to uncover as well. For agents, hidden messages mean potential leads that you are missing out on. I checked my own hidden inbox and found a few legitimate messages that I just responded to, in addition to a whole bunch of other messages that were indeed SPAM. … Read More »

Change the Way you do Real Estate with Social Media

by John E. Miller on 5:06 pm October 17, 2011

Social media networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn have truly changed the way we do business across the world, including real estate. When it comes to everything from shopping to buying a house, many people first turn to the internet before spending time in the field. Therefore, if you want to attract buyers (especially of the most recent generations) then social media networking is essential. The Key to Social Media Networking Now that you know the importance of utilizing social media networking for everything from … Read More »

Using The Roost App To Plan Your Facebook Posts For The Week

by stephaniecrawford on 12:45 pm September 6, 2011

I’ve been using the Roost App to pre-plan my Facebook business page posts for a few weeks and I must say that I’m impressed with the ease, convenience and supplied content. My personal real estate fan page has been around for about a year, and while engagement is still a little slow, my goal is to post frequently in an attempt to stay “top of mind” with those in my circles. The Roost app makes this simple. Their claim that you can spend only 20 … Read More »

Top 5 Apps For Adding MLS Search To Facebook

by Joe Trusty on 3:02 pm August 4, 2011

I’ve noticed an interesting trend developing; agents are adding MLS Widgets to their Facebook page. Some of the Apps being developed for Facebook are complete websites onto themselves that using clever scripting to shoehorn themselves into the Facebook Platform. Others offer sophisticated lead capture capabilities. One thing is for certain, IDX Vendors are beginning to provide Agents with a way to tap into Facebook’s 500 Million+ user base and providing home buyers with new tools to find homes inside their favorite Social Media platform. In … Read More »

The Complete Guide to Using Facebook Business Pages

by Drew Meyers on 8:34 am July 25, 2011

My friend Jimmy Mackin posted an amazingly detailed overview of all the functionality of Facebook pages. If you are looking to better understand how to use pages, I highly encourage you to head over to his blog and read it.

Do you ever think about selling your real estate site?

by Joe Salcedo on 1:43 pm July 22, 2011

Zillow’s closing stock price went ‘down’ to $33.20,  almost $14 to what they wanted. They got a cool $70 million for it, $20 million more than what they were hoping.  Not bad for a real estate related IPO. By now, everyone is chimed in with how excited Wall St. is with internet stocks, specifically those that are leading the ‘social’ bandwagon; starting with Google’s failed $6 billion offer to Groupon, LinkedIn’s warm reception and Facebooks’s massive valuation — are you kidding me, $100 billion?! No, … Read More »

One Thing I Like About Google+

by Drew Meyers on 8:10 pm July 10, 2011

Google+ has already been covered by everyone and their mother, so I don’t want to write some all encompassing analysis of the platform since it would be largely the same content others have already written. However, one feature I love is the ability in Google+ to easily see a feed activity for my close business connections (I created a circle called “closebizfriends”) without the clutter of everyone else in my network. After all, it’s only natural that I follow some people like David Gibbons, whom … Read More »

What is the Benefit of a Facebook Page?

by Drew Meyers on 5:15 pm May 24, 2011

“What is the benefit of a Facebook page?“ I receive this question from time to time as well. Luckily for us, Jimmy Mackin from the MLSApp answered the question via video earlier today, so I thought I’d share the video here as well.

11 Strategies to Rock Your Facebook Fan Page

by Chris Adams on 3:08 pm May 5, 2011

The Problem With Facebook Fan Pages What are the three biggest problems with Facebook Fan Pages? Getting first time visitors, repeat visitors, and exciting visitors so they share your page with their friends. There is only one way to solve these problems and to elevate your Fan Page to a new level, and it won’t be easy. The answer lies in your content strategy. Much like a blog, if you never update the Fan Page, and only feed it with mediocre content, then it will … Read More »

Changing the Name of a Facebook Page – Is it Possible?

by Drew Meyers on 11:49 am April 29, 2011

We have a client with over 100 fans on their business page who wants to change the name of the page. Unfortunately, from the Facebook Help section, this is the answer we are stuck with: How do I change my Page name? If an error was made in your Page name when it was created, you have the option to edit the Page name to correct this issue. This option is only limited to Pages with less than 100 connections. After selecting to edit your … Read More »

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