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The “Pitch” to Download an Agent App

by Drew Meyers on 9:58 am December 30, 2017

I received a “pitch” from a Keller Williams agent to download their app this morning… Customized tools to bring you the best experience in real estate search. Are you curious about what’s for sale in your community? Would you like to peek inside that house for sale down the street? My app is loaded with helpful features customized for your phone or tablet. Features: Easily connect with me and send property inquiries instantly. Draw a circle on the map or drop a pinpoint to search … Read More »

Mobilegeddon. Are You Ready?

by Drew Meyers on 11:23 am April 21, 2015

Those that read tech and marketing blogs may already know: Google is releasing a major update to their algorithms that will heavily favor sites that are optimized for mobile. Search Engine Land has some responses to FAQ’s. The algorithm change only affects searches done on mobile devices, but as everyone knows, that’s a major chunk of searches — and it’s growing, not shrinking. The prospect of missing all that organic SEO traffic because your site doesn’t work on mobile is one more (really good) reason to migrate into … Read More »

A New Website for Homing In

by Drew Meyers on 8:30 pm December 15, 2013

Homing In just launched their new website (via Todd on FB). They tout themselves as “Uber and Yelp for Real Estate Rolled into One App” Yelp, and Uber, are both massive businesses by themselves. So I worry they are biting off more than they can chew (hey, they aren’t the only ones). It’ll be interesting to see how this “Uber for Real Estate” opportunity plays itself out. Homing In and Curb Call exist already, but I virtually guarantee they won’t be the only players tackling … Read More »

Mobile Apps, and Lack of Adoption

by Drew Meyers on 10:00 pm December 2, 2013

You come up with the greatest idea on the planet for a mobile app. It’s an amazing value add for your existing clients. Or maybe it will help you reach a whole new group of potential clients. You decide to build it. But you don’t spend what it costs to make it great. You put out a half assed app to see if people like and use it before you invest serious money. (Virtually) no one uses it. Don’t automatically make the assumption that just … Read More »

Did You Forget Your Phone?

by Drew Meyers on 10:11 am November 7, 2013

I hadn’t seen this video until just a few minutes ago…it’s worth watching. Every moment in the video happens every single day. Nothing really has to be said. The writing is on the wall. Living your life via the phone in the palm of your hand is NOT a holy grail. Did you forget your phone? Maybe next time you leave, you should… [via]

The Mobile App Craze

by Drew Meyers on 4:50 pm September 16, 2013

Helping you create an app with zero coding is what Mobile by Conduit‘s value proposition is. Yup, the app craze is on. Everyone needs an app. At least that’s what vendors want you to believe. What we’re quickly getting to, is app overload. Heck, we may even be there already. It doesn’t matter if you want your audience to consumer content or interact with you in a mobile app. It doesn’t matter if that is 2x as good as what they are doing now. As a … Read More »

What EXACTLY is Your Mobile Strategy?

by Drew Meyers on 4:27 pm September 14, 2013

You might have seen the post (poll) I put up asking what your biggest pain point in your business is. Granted, only 16 people voted – but here are the results… One thing immediately jumped out at me… If no agents or brokerages need a mobile strategy, that must mean everyone already has one, correct? So, I ask you… What exactly is your mobile strategy? Is it pay Zillow? Trulia? SmarterAgent? AgentFolio? Do what Keller Williams did and build an app platform for their agents? … Read More »

Real Estate App Idea to Ponder: Zillow Advice, Inside a Native App

by Drew Meyers on 11:16 am September 10, 2013

A drop dead simple way to ask real estate questions, and get responses from real estate experts. In an app. On Zillow’s iOS app — there is no way to ask questions in Zillow Advice. Maybe they should just package that experience into a separate app. Since Zillow Advice is a prospecting tool for agents — that enabling them to answer questions while in line at the grocery store would be a win-win. Would a Real Estate Q&A app work on it’s own? Or is … Read More »

Near Field Communication & the iPhone 5S, and Its Impact on Real Estate Advertising

by Drew Meyers on 2:45 pm August 27, 2013

It’s reported that NFC (near field communication) will be included in the iPhone 5S, which could change the game for advertising in the physical world. Read this article, and watch the video embedded below… I don’t know about you, but I see an extremely compelling potential offering on real estate for sale signs such as the one I snapped a photo of the other day in Queen Anne. NFC-enabled iPhones could forever change the way buyers express interest in a property in the real world.

Keller Williams Launches 88,000 Agent Apps

by Drew Meyers on 8:39 am August 10, 2013

Keller Williams launched a mobile search app this week, essentially creating 88,000 branded agent apps (each agent has a unique download code). Props to them for tackling mobile — but I’m not sure if this is enough. Distribution is the problem when it comes to apps, not the technology. Thinking out loud…why would a buyer use an app from their KW agent when they already likely have the Zillow, Trulia,, or Redfin app installed?

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