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Best Times to Post Real Estate Ads on Craigslist

by Drew Meyers on 8:18 am March 19, 2016


This morning I noticed the following search term in our analytics: best times to post real estate ads on craigslist Since I’m not an agent/broker using Craigslist, I obviously don’t have a good answer. Anyone reading have any tips to share based on your own 1st hand experience?

Stop Touching Me, Zillow

by Ben Kubic on 8:49 am March 3, 2016

Stop Touching Me Zillow

As the head of a real estate brokerage, at some point I got onto some Zillow Account Manager’s distribution list. While I gloss over most of the pitch email I receive, today’s made me stop what I was doing and write this post. Here’s the email I got: Besides the obvious copy-and-paste job (If you’re going to use a ridiculously large font, at least make the whole email the same size. And check your spelling/grammar. This is just lazy.),  did you notice the line where Zillow … Read More »

Realstir, AirBnB, Zillow…and A Few Thoughts

by Drew Meyers on 12:01 pm January 14, 2016


I came across Realstir recently, and their “Try Before You Buy” concept/trademark. A blend of Zillow & AirBnB essentially. Thought I’d share a few thoughts… AirBnB and partnered in a very similar fashion in June of last year (see here). That initiative is already shut down / de-prioritized, from what I’ve heard. That begs the question, why? The Realstir website/portal is simply like every other agent/broker IDX, with a “Try Before you Buy” button tacked on. No? See this listing page: Startups come down … Read More »

Social Lead Generation with Socedo?

by Drew Meyers on 8:13 am December 29, 2015


Related to the opportunity to find leads via social media — has anyone tried Socedo? I’d be curious to hear whether real estate is a viable use case for their offering.

A Social Lead Generation Opportunity

by Drew Meyers on 5:23 pm December 28, 2015

There are, of course, numerous ways to generate leads for a real estate agents or brokerage. Zillow/Trulia (aka Zillow Group). Organic SEO. Paid SEM. Content marketing. Working your sphere, day-in and day-out. Another option is social media marketing — finding public conversations about buying or selling in your area, and interjecting yourself into those conversations. Those opportunities exist on sites like StreetAdvisor (see here & here). In Zillow Advice, and Trulia Voices. On (example). In Facebook groups (founders: groups are the next Craigslist for … Read More »

How to Start in Real Estate Without a Sphere of Influence?

by Drew Meyers on 4:36 pm December 10, 2015

The answer is surprisingly simple. Start hustling and build one. Now, go read this, this, and this. (the question in the title, “How to Start in Real Estate Without a Sphere of Influence”,  is one which I found in this site’s analytics as a source of traffic from Google)

Finding an Agent — LinkedIn Puts Their Toe in the Water

by Drew Meyers on 11:44 pm November 15, 2015


Anyone else seen LinkedIn’s new Pro Finder (found via Product Hunt)? Of course, one of the massive categories in terms of finding a trusted professional is… You guessed it. Real estate agents. It’s yet to be proved they can convince buyers and sellers to use this service. Clearly, if LinkedIn does (and that’s a big if), they will stand to gain substantially from connecting consumers with professionals. Will it work? PS: If you’re interested in this related concept, email me.

Blockfeed, the Latest Attempt to Aggregate Hyper Local News

by Drew Meyers on 9:23 am August 10, 2015


I saw Blockfeed this morning, a hyper local news app in NYC. See Fred Wilson’s Been There Done That post — aggregating hyper local news has been tried ( & Everyblock among others), but that doesn’t mean Blockfeed’s latest attempt will fail. We all know everyone cares (to some degree) about what is going on in their hyper local neighborhood. That’s precisely why we’ve seen multiple attempts at aggregating local news over the years. The technology isn’t rocket science. The challenge, is like most things, a matter of (lack of) … Read More »

Cost Per Click, by Geography?

by Drew Meyers on 8:00 am June 26, 2015

For those doing search engine marketing, I’m curious — what are you paying for targeted traffic to your website? Please leave a rough ballpark dollar amount in the comments, along with the geographic area you do business in. If you’re willing to share the source of where you purchase that traffic from, that would be an added bonus. Appreciate any help you can offer satisfying my curiosity.

The Placester Play is…Marketing Plays

by Drew Meyers on 8:16 am June 16, 2015

As I’ve said before, selling $10 agent websites isn’t a business that’s going to make much money, and certainly  not generate a 10x return for investors. I just took a look at Placester’s site again (after reading Greg’s post), and saw the “marketing solutions” section highlighting Marketing Plays: Paid lead/traffic acquisition; a fairly proven way to make money. Seems Placester is simply the next iteration of Market Leader with modern technology? With Market Leader up for sale, makes sense they would go after their clients now.

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