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Finding an Agent — LinkedIn Puts Their Toe in the Water

by Drew Meyers on 11:44 pm November 15, 2015


Anyone else seen LinkedIn’s new Pro Finder (found via Product Hunt)? Of course, one of the massive categories in terms of finding a trusted professional is… You guessed it. Real estate agents. It’s yet to be proved they can convince buyers and sellers to use this service. Clearly, if LinkedIn does (and that’s a big if), they will stand to gain substantially from connecting consumers with professionals. Will it work? PS: If you’re interested in this related concept, email me.

Blockfeed, the Latest Attempt to Aggregate Hyper Local News

by Drew Meyers on 9:23 am August 10, 2015


I saw Blockfeed this morning, a hyper local news app in NYC. See Fred Wilson’s Been There Done That post — aggregating hyper local news has been tried ( & Everyblock among others), but that doesn’t mean Blockfeed’s latest attempt will fail. We all know everyone cares (to some degree) about what is going on in their hyper local neighborhood. That’s precisely why we’ve seen multiple attempts at aggregating local news over the years. The technology isn’t rocket science. The challenge, is like most things, a matter of (lack of) … Read More »

Cost Per Click, by Geography?

by Drew Meyers on 8:00 am June 26, 2015

For those doing search engine marketing, I’m curious — what are you paying for targeted traffic to your website? Please leave a rough ballpark dollar amount in the comments, along with the geographic area you do business in. If you’re willing to share the source of where you purchase that traffic from, that would be an added bonus. Appreciate any help you can offer satisfying my curiosity.

The Placester Play is…Marketing Plays

by Drew Meyers on 8:16 am June 16, 2015

As I’ve said before, selling $10 agent websites isn’t a business that’s going to make much money, and certainly  not generate a 10x return for investors. I just took a look at Placester’s site again (after reading Greg’s post), and saw the “marketing solutions” section highlighting Marketing Plays: Paid lead/traffic acquisition; a fairly proven way to make money. Seems Placester is simply the next iteration of Market Leader with modern technology? With Market Leader up for sale, makes sense they would go after their clients now.

PlanWiseConnect – Agent/Broker Distributed Browser Extension

by Drew Meyers on 11:01 am March 11, 2015

PlanwiseConnect is a browser extension that hovers at the bottom while your clients browse any of the major portals, allowing them an easy way to ask you questions without leaving their screen. Yeah, I don’t think the big portals are going to like this very much since it’ll make it less likely that buyers will contact an agent on the site (yes, I realize buyers will have to be given this extension ahead of time by an agent/broker). You can bet savvy agents and brokers … Read More »

NRT’s Flank…is a Flunk

by Drew Meyers on 11:49 pm February 24, 2015

NRT threw some money at the portal space, with the launch of When I question whether brokerages / franchises have the chops to compete with the big portals (see here), this “portal” is exactly what I mean (in less than 3 minutes of looking)… Not responsive – doesn’t work on mobile. Took 5-10 seconds for the home page to load on my desktop An iframe for local info. See –> ZERO unique content [Update 3/1: There is a iOS version of the site when … Read More »

Incentives for the Broker Public Portal

by Drew Meyers on 1:10 pm February 20, 2015

A new detail about the Broker Public Portal, from Rob’s conversation with Victor Lund: …the thinking behind the BPP corporate structure is that it will be structured more-or-less as a non-profit. Shares in the company cannot be sold, and no dividends will ever be paid. Should a company leave the BPP, and it has shares, it surrenders them back to the company without compensation. A non-profit? Really? Can you think of a single non profit entity that has managed to compete at massive scale online? (in an … Read More »

A Follow Up Related to the National Broker Public Portal

by Drew Meyers on 6:01 pm February 13, 2015

A couple months ago, I wrote a few thoughts about the National Broker Public Portal project. As a result of seeing Rob’s recent post, I noticed there are a few updates to share, such as the new website ( and they are in fact moving forward with raising $250,000 in funds to start. There’s a summary of the timeline and rough allocation of funds here. One slide I want to call attention to: Raise $250,000 from Brokers and MLS’ to form corporation and build business plan and … Read More »


by Bryn Kaufman on 10:02 pm February 3, 2015

Here is an example of why newspapers are having a hard time vs. Google. My local paper charges $50 CPM, which is $50 per thousand impressions, for a banner ad near the top of their homepage. Keep in mind this banner is not targeted to Real Estate buyers and sellers, it is just shown to anyone who wants to read the paper. Google on the other hand charges me an average of .21 CPC, or Cost Per Click, and they show my display ad on … Read More »

Solving the Content Problem in Emerging Markets

by Kyle Wiltshire on 8:27 am December 1, 2014

Of all the challenges in emerging real estate markets, quality content may be the hardest. Without an MLS, brokers and agents have no protection on their listings, so they are hesitant to include specifics such as unit address in fear of their listings being stolen. There is no “one-stop shop” where a listing is created and replicated to various real estate networks. Instead, brokers regularly post (and re-post) the same listing on classified sites. To make matters worse, many brokers and agents aren’t educated in … Read More »

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