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Real Estate CRMs and Lead Management: Where Is The Integration Automation?

by Sam DeBord on 9:36 am April 15, 2014


I’ve been reviewing dozens of CRMs over the past year for projects within my own team as well as others’ businesses. The majority of these discussions include a fairly simple question: Will this CRM automatically import/update itself with the leads I get from various sources? Traditional CRMs are great for managing your “customers”, which is what they were designed for. It’s striking how many haven’t gotten past that point, though. Most real estate agents and teams that I know are generating leads through their own … Read More »

How To Complete A Direct Mail Campaign (In Less Than 30 Minutes)

by Seth Williams on 1:38 pm April 14, 2014

Over the past 6 years, direct mail marketing has been one of the most successful methods that I’ve relied on to find motivated sellers. It has yielded a consistently solid response rate, which has resulted in my ability to generate more leads, close more deals and make more money (both in good times and in bad). This is all good and fine – but there are a lot of real estate professionals who have heard this story over and over again and have never actually … Read More »

Turning Clients into Lifestyle Communities: Ongoing Communication & Engagement

by Drew Meyers on 10:50 am February 13, 2014


First, think through what your community members want. News Events Insider knowledge And they want to be connected to great… activities people professional service providers local establishments …all specific to their lifestyle. How do you deliver that? 1. Content / News. If you care deeply about something, you likely read about it in some capacity on a somewhat regular basis. Curate everything (more on that here) related to your lifestyle community inside your Facebook group, and post original thoughts on what you think about those … Read More »

Turning Clients into Lifestyle Communities: Setting it All Up

by Drew Meyers on 6:21 pm February 11, 2014


So, you are “in” when it comes to building community? You’ve got the tools. Now, the strategy (Note: I’m splitting “strategy into two posts – setup & ongoing communication & engagement. So, now it’ll be a 4 part series)… First things first: define your lifestyle community. That could be equestrian, dirt biking, classic cars, your local sports team (#Seahawks), extreme sports, yoga, surfing, Harly-Davidson’s, wine, modern, or any other lifestyle a large percentage of your clients care deeply about. If your client base isn’t centered around … Read More »

Turning Clients into Lifestyle Communities: The Tools

by Drew Meyers on 6:37 am February 7, 2014


So, you are “in” when it comes to building community? What do you need to make it happen? The Tools Fortunately, there isn’t a grand expensive toolset you need to implement a solid lifestyle community building strategy. It consists of: A private Facebook group (not a “page”) Email newsletter list & delivery mechanism (mailchimp, constant contact, etc) A community member directory An email address & phone Transportation to meet your community in person on a regular basis Number 3, the member directory, is the only … Read More »

Turning Clients into Lifestyle Communities: Why & How?

by Drew Meyers on 11:07 am February 5, 2014

If you don’t have community, you really have nothing defensible when it comes to lead and client acquisition. If you have great SEO, Google can yank it away. If you get tons of referrals from person X, they can suddenly send them to someone else. If you have one big investor client, they can switch to another agent tomorrow. If you get leads from Zillow or Trulia, they stop the minute you stop paying. You get the point. Community is the only thing no one … Read More »

The Next Big Opportunity: Agent Reviews…and Trust

by Drew Meyers on 6:03 am February 4, 2014

zillow agent reviews

Search is a lost cause (IMHO), at least for the industry. Just like it took outsiders like Zillow & Trulia to overtake, it’ll likely take another outsider to make a serious run at Zillow & Trulia sometime down the line. So, what’s the next opportunity the industry will be fighting to win? Buyers find a listing, and then they need what? An agent. What do consumers really want to know? Who to trust. That’s the reason people largely use a friend or a friend … Read More »

Can the Industry Combat the Portals Long Term? And If So, How?

by Drew Meyers on 10:48 am January 25, 2014


Every week or two, on Facebook, Twitter or a blog comment, I see someone in the industry say something to the tune of… The portals take our data, then sell leads back to us with the traffic they generate from it. The portals were built on our backs. Consumers go the portals and I am forced to answer their questions about incorrect and outdated information. Frankly, I’m a bit tired of hearing the arguments. So, I put up topic for a session at RE BarCamp NY, … Read More »

A Creative Way to Think About Deciding Where to Live

by Drew Meyers on 11:33 am January 18, 2014

BuzzFeed recently put out a “What City Should You Live In” quiz. I’ve seen multiple people talk about this quiz in my Facebook feed today. Why? BuzzFeed made it fun, and easy, to fill out. And they gave you an end result to talk about. No doubt, there’s room for an innovative and fun lead generation approach in the relocation market. Big brokers and franchises would be wise to learn from, and tackle something like this. PS – I was told I should live in … Read More »

Conversion with Twitter Lead Generation Cards

by Drew Meyers on 11:26 am January 4, 2014


I just came across this “Sign up for GaryVIP” link today on Facebook. It seems to be a test of Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards they announced earlier this year. The question for me, is what happens on Gary’s end when someone shares an email address with him? Does that email get auto imported into his MailChimp, AWeber, or whatever other email service he uses? Or does he just get a manual list of emails that he then has to integrate with him primary email tool? … Read More »

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