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Top Down Design Approach: The Listing Details Page

by Mark Hankel on 7:23 am February 6, 2014

This is the third  in a series of articles about Broker/Agent Real Estate Websites. I have selected a dedicated server, I have a RETS feed and now it is time for the listing details page design. My primary focus is address searches. The design is centered on above the fold content.  The property is the primary landing page and all pertinent information needs to be immediately available – photo, pricing, maps and contact information. A look at the design choice and results comparison. In-House Designed … Read More »

Responsive real estate website design – a DIY project, Part 2

by Mike McGee on 6:09 am February 3, 2014

OK, it’s taken a lot longer than I expected, but it’s finally time for the “big reveal” of the new, mobile-responsive makeover of my company’s website, But first, some background on the project. If you have a fairly simple site, consisting primarily of text with some photos, this can be fairly simple. A well-designed, responsive theme takes care of the rest, making your content look good on all devices, right out of the box. However, if you have more complex content, your workload can … Read More »

Product Review: IDX+

by Mike McGee on 6:11 am October 29, 2013

Those of you who have an indexable IDX product on your website know how powerful it can be. It can help drive traffic to your site for long-tail search phrases such as addresses, as well as MLS number searches. Early adopters of indexable IDX got a big boost, as Jay Thompson noted in this blog post about dsIDXpress, which was in beta at the time. I jumped on that bandwagon fairly quickly, and have enjoyed the benefits. Now, 3-1/2 years later, having a website with … Read More »

Product Review – Onjax Real Estate Platform

by Mike McGee on 6:28 am July 9, 2013

Like most agents or brokers who run their own websites, I’m always looking around to see what’s the latest and greatest in terms of website design, IDX, and related real estate tech tools. A couple of months ago I stumbled onto a broker’s website that had a very impressive IDX solution that I hadn’t seen before. The first thing that grabbed me was the wide-screen map search. I’m a big believer in utilizing all available screen real estate (no pun intended), and this IDX search … Read More »

The Case FOR Not Having IDX on a Broker Site

by Drew Meyers on 5:01 am January 25, 2013

Greg Fischer just launched a new website, Yet one feature is surprisingly absent. IDX. It’s no secret most of “leads” from agent or broker websites are converted to contact information with IDX. So, is ditching IDX a risk? Sure it is. I’m guessing Greg’s reasons are as follows: Agents and brokers can’t compete on search against the Zillow’s and Trulia’s of the world, particularly with the growing cost of providing a killer search experience across mobile and tablets. Even if you spent the money … Read More »

Need Traffic? Build Content!

by BenFisher on 1:44 pm September 12, 2012

One of the biggest issues agents face with driving traffic to their websites is often the least talked about. Yes you need to build backlinks, establish a social media presence, build relationships online, but the under-utilization of building a site with a large amount of content is often ignored. Many agents will put up a site, create a page for their main areas they service with a few paragraphs, and install an IDX. Why stop there? Those pages can only generate so much traffic while many searchers … Read More »

dsIDXpress PRO, Now at Your Disposal

by Drew Meyers on 1:43 pm August 1, 2012

In case you’ve missed the news from yesterday, dsIDXpress PRO (from Diverse Solutions) is now available. dsIDXpress was cool. And, though I haven’t personally played with the new product, based on the blog post on Diverse Solutions’ blog, dsIDXpress PRO looks awesome. Everything that was missing from dsIDXpress — chiefly forced and delayed registration settings (aka lead capture) — is now included in dsIDXpress PRO. Previously, leap capture features were only features included in dsSearchAgent. I know for a fact agents have been asking for that … Read More »

IDX Integration: 6 Questions You Should Be Asking

by Sarah Metzger on 7:11 pm June 8, 2012

SEO, SEM, PPC, IDX… how many acronyms must you understand to be in real estate of all industries? All of ’em, yes all of ’em, if you want to effectively reach consumers where they now work, play and live — the world wide web. The world of IDX can be confusing and the process of getting IDX up and running on your real estate website is one mountain of many in getting your business seen and loved by customers.  Don’t fret, though, being an informed consumer … Read More »

Business Idea for the Young Guns – International Real Estate Listings IDX, Built Within a WordPress Plugin

by Drew Meyers on 6:30 am April 24, 2012

Background: I firmly believe business ideas are worth next to nothing; execution is everything. Additionally, I’ve talked to no fewer than 3 others who are either working on this or have thought about working on it — which is a good sign in my book since it means I’m not the only idiot who thinks there is a market for it. If there aren’t at least 5 or 10 people working on a given idea, it’s probably not a very good idea to begin with. In truth, … Read More »

IDX – Official Steering Committee Decision

by Daniel Beer on 11:35 pm April 2, 2012

After a very long and strongly debated case over who should be the official IDX recommendation of the Geek Build Steering Committee, we have decided on Real Geeks. Remember, the focus of Geek Build is to build websites with the following goals in mind: Maximize lead generation (signups, blog or IDX) Maximize lead conversion (phone calls, requests for showings, specific property requests, track closings from site long-term) Maximize time on site, page views/visit Minimize bounce rate Conversion is the most important aspect of an IDX, particularly … Read More »

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