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Email Follow up from Live Chat

I’ve talked about live chat/messengers as a conversion tool before. Today, I came across an approach I like from Zestful as a result of Eric Marcoullier’s tweet:



You don’t have to wait here to get Mat’s reply

Telling the website visitor exactly what they want to hear, and prompting for an email address in the process. Smart. Is anyone taking this approach in the real estate arena?

PS: I also love their approach to tackling the travel/destination activities market by tapping into existing trust groups (ie helping find an activity for your work team). As I told Mat, trust and travel are what I think about all the time — and why I’m working on Horizon.

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  • We use chat. We get the email addresses sometimes. It works OK. It is not one of our best tools to convert leads to clients. We use Olark.

  • We’ve been thinking about chat also. Have not pulled the trigger yet. Bryn, anything else you can add about your experience would be helpful.

    • Olark at $17 per month does everything we want. We do get a few chats each day. Some are turned over to our agent for follow up.

      It is hard to say how effective it is for us. Once in a while we have had website questions asked, and those are very helpful as they normally give me an idea on how to improve our website.

      We have a lot of places on our website for users to email us their questions, and normally that is how they do it vs. chat. Our chat is not on 24/7, only when one of my VAs is in who handles it, so about 8 hours per day.

      • Thanks for the quick feedback. I think we will give this a try starting in January. We are also considering Pure Chat as well.

  • Nate Joens This is something we are tackling at Structurely except on more than just email including SMS and FB Messenger. As you can see we prompt the live chat user to hook up another channel where we can reach them later

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