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Google's URL Shortener Now Also Generates QR Codes


I just heard about this and thought it might be useful for agents out there using QR codes on their sign riders/ flyers etc: Google’s URL shortener,, now automatically generates QR codes.  Matt Cutts wrote about it and provides an example here:

Matt Cutts Google QR Codes

Google doesn’t seem to have fully rolled out their URL shortening service yet (there’s no signup or obvious way to use it from their page at, but I know at least one way to use it is by installing the chrome extension here.

For those unfamiliar, a QR code is a two dimensional bar code that is commonly used to store information such as a web address.  If a user has a camera phone and the proper app installed, they can simply take a picture/ scan a QR code and it will launch their browser and send them to that URL.

QR codes make a lot of sense for the real estate industry, but haven’t really been widely adopted in the US compared to countries such as Japan.  Google’s integration of QR codes is one more sign that we may be seeing more widespread use in the future.

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