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How Much Real Estate Will I Sell if I'm on the First Page of Google?

How Much Real Estate Will I Sell if I’m on the First Page Google

I just saw this as a search query in my Google Analytics. Meaning at least one person is out there trying to figure out the answer. Of course, we all want to be on page 1 of Google for our desired keywords. But what is that worth in real dollars? How much more real estate will you actually sell?

The answer — surprise, surprise — depends. Primarily on two things:

  1. Volume of buyer/seller searches for the keyword(s) that you rank highly on Google for
  2. Your conversion rate on that traffic (both onsite conversion to drive contacts and offline conversion of turning contacts into closed deals).

As for how to get on the first page of Google? Start with a strong foundation. Realize SEO is a substantial investment. And then build links, build links, and build more links. After that? Go get some more links.

So, how much MORE real estate will you sell if you get on page 1 of Google? Does your website convert traffic at a higher percentage? Can you turn emails and phone calls into closed business? Answer those two questions with some real numbers, and you’ll have your answer.

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