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How Much Real Estate Will I Sell if I'm on the First Page of Google?

How Much Real Estate Will I Sell if I’m on the First Page Google

I just saw this as a search query in my Google Analytics. Meaning at least one person is out there trying to figure out the answer. Of course, we all want to be on page 1 of Google for our desired keywords. But what is that worth in real dollars? How much more real estate will you actually sell?

The answer — surprise, surprise — depends. Primarily on two things:

  1. Volume of buyer/seller searches for the keyword(s) that you rank highly on Google for
  2. Your conversion rate on that traffic (both onsite conversion to drive contacts and offline conversion of turning contacts into closed deals).

As for how to get on the first page of Google? Start with a strong foundation. Realize SEO is a substantial investment. And then build links, build links, and build more links. After that? Go get some more links.

So, how much MORE real estate will you sell if you get on page 1 of Google? Does your website convert traffic at a higher percentage? Can you turn emails and phone calls into closed business? Answer those two questions with some real numbers, and you’ll have your answer.

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  • You don’t need thousands of visits for traffic to be successful what you do need is targeted traffic – there is a huge difference!

  • DavidPylyp

    How much real estate will you sell? Don’t know… but with a first page placement you will receive [relo] inquiries from many different sources. How will you convert them? What materials are you ready to share online? Toronto ‘s real estate market has 38,000 agents competing for 90,000 transactions. A better question is how will your respond to that online inquiry; what is your unique selling proposition? Can you articulate your value proposition and bridge the Trust Gap?
    David Pylyp
    Living in Toronto Canada and waiting for your calls.

  • DavidPylyp

    Engagement and Building Trust is required after you receive an online lead.

  • It is an interesting slant to look to put a real value on your rank in google. There are so many variables as it vastly depends on how targeted traffic is to your site and how closely it matches your exact product, also your conversion rates.

  • An unanswerable question.

  • Daniel Bacon

    We are on the first page of Google for most of our 25 or so key phrases. We get about 5,000 visitors per month, but conversion is lower than I think it should be. Is it our IDX? We’ll see if our Real Geeks implementation for our Geek Build Clearwater site changes things. More to follow…

  • Greg Geilman

    I couldn’t agree more (David) that trust increases conversion and closed business. Online is similar to offline in that respect.

  • 1. You need targeted traffic to your site. (keywords that buyers and sellers are actually looking to do a search)

    2. A website that is fast, easy to search and gets them what they want and then a good lead capture…plus a great CRM to help follow up for the agent!

    3. Need a good sells person with great follow up to connect with the buyer and seller 🙂

    You can capture a lot of buyers and sellers, but if the agent doesn’t aggressively follow up there will be a very low conversation rate into sales..

    If you can drive traffic to one of our Real Geeks sites and can sell you will do a lot of sales..

    The question is: Can you sell?

    • I totally agree with you. Any one can get the first place of Google but you can’t get targeted traffic if you don’t have a targeted keyword.

  • Conversion is the key….but you need an effective tag team between posting good, relevant content that offers true value to consumers, and then capture mechanism that ensures successful follow up….

  • Around Claremont

    It also varies my how many people are actually looking for a home by searching that particular term, where they’re at in the buying cycle and if the information/service you’re offing matches their services needs at the moment.

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