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How to Take Over Twitter

Hi there everyone!  Been a while but happy to be back; thought I’d get back into the swing of things by piggybacking off of Murali’s Post on sharing your Tweets on your Website with Twitter Widgets with one on how to get those Tweets out to a massive audience.

Hold on to your hats; today we’re going to take a look into Social Networking domination with Twitter. is a wonderfully awesome service that allows you to auto tweet content pulled from an RSS feed throughout any number of twitter accounts.  So, if you have 20 twitter accounts each with 300 followers that are all “tweeting” from the same RSS feed, with one new item in the feed you’ll reach 6,000 people.

Now, there are a couple of tutorials out there regarding using Yahoo Pipes or similar services that you can use in conjunction with to grab the tweets of one account and disburse it to be retweeted by your 19 other accounts.  But this is complicated and silly.

Here’s a solution: Simply create a free blog at that you exclusively use for your tweets.  Grab the address for your feed and use that in your twitterfeed account.  So creating a new post on your wordpress account = distributing this new post to your twitter network.

That’s great Justin, now where do I get the follower’s from?

There are a number of great tips out there regarding how to increase your twitter following – guest posting on high traffic blogs, giveaways, humorous and relevant tweeting are just a few, but aside from close friends and family where does one start to gather the foundation of a large Twitter network?

I’m sure that you can think of a number of ways to start yourself off, but one round-about way is through one of the open networker groups on Linked In: TopLinked.  With over 100,000+ members, TopLinked is one of the largest LinkedIn Groups.  They send out a list by e-mail that you can find here: with the e-mails of thousands of members.  And guess what, 99% of these networkers have Twitter accounts, and will re-tweet your tweets if they are worthwhile!

So here’s what we do – we download the list, upload those contacts into our e-mail account over at Yahoo or Gmail, and in turn import those contacts into Twitter automatically when we create a new account and follow them.  The majority will reciprocally follow you in return!  Give it a week, then methodically go through and delete those that don’t follow you.

I’d say start out with 300 – 400 followers to get the ball rolling on each account; you want your twitter following to be comprised as much of people that are actually interested in what you have to say as possible – this is the reason for creating 20 accounts – chances are much greater that one of your tweets will go viral.

Happy tweeting 🙂

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