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Interview With Account Exec Ricky Fernandez

I have noticed a big increase in agents awareness of the need for a great real estate CRM.  It seems like the industry is no longer satisfied with what has been popular for many years and is now demanding more. I know I’m not, which led me on a long search for a new CRM system that would be great for a residential real estate business. My search led me to Propertybase.

In my opinion they are one of the most innovative and smart CRM systems out there so I interviewed Ricky Fernandez, a account executive to share details about their business with the GEB community.  The audience is welcome to post follow up questions in the comments section below.

Question 1: In no more than a paragraph, what is Propertybase and what makes it special?

Propertybase is the agent desktop of the future. Combining web, social and mobile features, it helps agents generate more leads and close more deals with less effort. From a management perspective, propertybase provides a 360* view of pipeline, production, and helps with forecasting and managing cash flows.  Propertybase is powered by which delivers performance, usability and flexibility that is unmatched by anything the real estate industry has seen so far.

Question 2: How much of your system can be customized.  What are the limits?

The question should be: is there anything that cannot be customized? The answer is: nothing we’ve ever been asked for [Propertybase] is by far the most flexible and most elastic solution we’ve seen in the market today, simply because it’s based on the world leading demand platform, which we bring to the real estate industry.

Question 3: Can property listings be integrated into your solution?

Yes, we integrate to over 700 MLS systems and a number of proprietary listing sources.

Question 4: How large a business can Propertybase handle?  Is it only for big or small businsses?

Propertybase really fits all sizes and the benefits are on all levels. While single agents are looking more at lead generation and personal productivity, large firms are amazed by its scalability, flexibility and reporting capabilities.

Question 5: What are the real estate specific features that you provide?

Propertybase is made for real estate and ONLY real estate. Our agent desktop covers every aspect of agents’ and brokers’ daily lives like running agent websites, property search, lead and client management, document management, managing offers and closings with checklists and much more. All of that is complemented by full support for mobile devices, a strong reporting and analytics engine and a growing number of add-ons e.g. for electronic signature, comparative market analysis (CMA) or print shop integration.

Question 6: How long has Propertybase been in business  and how many clients does your company currently serve?

Two years. We’re the new kids on the block, but also the most innovative solution.  We’re starting to count in the thousands and growing rapidly.

Question 7:  Is there anything else you would like our audience to know about Propertybase?

By now, almost everyone has heard how is revolutionizing the software industry. We are using it to revolutionize real estate selling. Please check us out!

If you have any questions of your own for Ricky please provide them in the comments below.  He is happy to answer any questions and dive deep.

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Daniel is a San Diego real estate agent focusing on Santaluz homes for sale. He also has a passion for helping people moving to San Diego and introducing them to the city he loves.

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