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Kiss Your "RSS" Good-bye!

Kiss Your “RSS” Goodbye!

Ok, so I’m hosting “The World’s Best IRL Meetup” for VREBC (Virtual REBarCamp) yesterday in Costa Mesa w/ The talented Ms. Stacey Harmon (and a Cameo appearance by Everyone’s Tech Guy, Loren Nason) when during a break in the action a fantastic, intuitive, spontaneous discussion breaks out! (that’s why we do the IRL Meetups for VREBC, so people can talk to other people, instead of “Vegetating” in front of their laptop in Jammies!, but I digress)…so anyway, Stacey answers the very real question from one of our attending Realtors, Jerry Reed of First Team Real Estate…”How the hell am I supposed to have the time to read all the damn blog posts in my stinkin Google Reader?!” (ok, so I spiced it up a bit)…Then the “PEARL” comes wafting from her lips…

“I don’t even use a Reader anymore, every time there is a really good post, somewhere in the REnet world, someone in my Twitter Follwers “Tweets” about it!

Then, OMG…wait for it….Another (highly intelligent) Attendee, Paul Mobley, MBA -CEO | Broker of Infinite ROI, Inc., “Blurts” out…wait for it again…lol…OMG…”Kinda like a “Human Aggregator” huh??? PEARL #2….OMG! “Human Aggregator” I LOVE it!

So look….

A few examples of some of my favorite Bloggers errrr “Human Aggregators”…(relax Nik_Nik, I still love you more than Reggie, just couldn’t find one of your Tweets while I was writin this…lol)

ReggieRPR RT @mattdollinger: Apple Tablet to Ship in March for Around $1000 [REPORT] 10 minutes ago from web

blogboy2 Must reads (for SPR agents) including Cap & Trade Will Destroy Real Estate, Everything Twitter & more: 33 minutes ago from HootSuite

FrancesFlynnTho RT @JohnDMcClung: Five Key Housing Issues to Watch in 2010 about 1 hour ago from HootSuite

Who needs Google Reader???

The Center of all things Real Estate! Happened to drop by the olde iPhone Twiiterific ap today to save me an hour or so….TY

InmanNews New FOREM blog post: Building Brand and Influence Through Social Media – don’t miss LIVE LABS @ Connect NYC! #ICNY about 1 hour ago from HootSuite

Who needs RSS Feeds???

Sometimes, I feel like “Geekin” (check out my series of posts on Web 3.0 for more details of Geek Needs. It will make your brain bleed!). So when I feel like Geekin, I get a Tweet from this “Lunatic” (jk Boris, jk)

Boris Most Anticipated Betas of 2009 about 2 hours ago from Tweetie

Heck, The Director of Social Media for N.A.R. has time to fill me in on what’s important! Saved me about 3 hrs on this one…SWEET!

tcar RT @mattdollinger: RT @kitmueller: RT @SPARKt Have you signed up for the info on #SPARKt3 coming on Feb 26th? http:/ about 2 hours ago from Seesmic

Who needs Email Updates????

How about this? One of my favorite RENet regulars, Pat Kitano of Domus Group (with another one of my favorites, Kevin Boer), does my dirty work! Looks like I got more time for the beach!

pkitano On Active Rain | 10 Real Estate Predictions for 2010 about 2 hours ago from

Who needs …..? (Damn, I couldn’t come up with anything clever here! But you get my point =})

I even know when something good hits Zillow Answers!!! Right from “The Man” himself!

spencerrascoff Buyer interested in Venice CA home, Zillow Advice: about 1 hour ago from HootSuite

Thank you Mr. president, I won’t let you down!

So to recap… put your “Human Aggragators” to work for you! Save yourself about 6-8 hours a week, and GET A TAN! Ha!

BTW – Since I am saving you 5 hours a week (Minimum), and the average Orange County Realtor makes…hmmmm..about $175 per hr, please enclose a check for $875 (about 1 weeks savings) in a plain mannilla envelope, and send it to:

Eric Bryant


69 YouDaMan Lane

ThankYouSoMuch, Ca. 90069

See ya next time Kiddies!

“The Coach”

About TheRECoach & I am Independent Consultant, specializing in the Real Estate Industry, with a focus on The Internet, and it's endless potential for Marketing a business. I have been Blogging since late 2007, an early Adopter on Facebook, and Twitter (July 2007). As you would expect, you can connect with me, "TheRECoach", on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn or even use the more "Archaic" forms of known as email & phone ... or 562.646.6710

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  • geordieromer

    I respectfully disagree. Much in the same way as Twitter didn't kill blogging, nor will it kill RSS.

    * RSS lets me see all the posts (not just the popular ones) I like to keep tabs on my competition, my neighborhood blogs and the bubble bloggers. RSS not Twitter does a better job.
    * RSS waits for me. I prefer to scroll through my feed reader in the AM with coffee. But if I don't, then my reading list just grows for a day or two. Try catching up using Twitter. The noise to signal is too high.

    Anybody else?

    • therecoach

      geo, I will agree with your comment; I know there are many who prefer to scroll through the complete volume of posts from their favorite Bloggers. My post is for the % of Real EState professionals feeling a “time pinch”, feeling overwhelmed with the shear volume of content. (I still keep 3 Bloggers in my Reader, because I love them so much) overall though, I like the “Human Aggregator” system! 🙂

      Thanks so much for the comment 🙂

    • Agreed, wouldn't have found this article if not for my feed reader….. 🙂

  • Twitter is definitely replacing some of the time I used to spend in my feedreader, but I don't think it'll every completely replace it. There are still some blogs that I want to read every blog post no matter what and I mark those blogs as “daily reads” and make sure I at least skim them each day in Google reader.

    • therecoach

      See above comment in reply to geo…I agree! but saving some time, is better than, saving no time! 🙂

      thanks for reading Drew! 🙂

  • Thanks for the kind words. To be fair, this isn't a fix it for everyone. Jerry Reed was sincerely asking for a solution to his problem and Stacey Harmon shared what had worked for her. The thing is, she uses twitter all the time, if you don't then another filter may be necessary.

    For another perspective (and lots of comments)… Here is why Robert Scoble doesn't use Google Reader ~ :: @Scobleizer is a geek and technology blogger who grew up in Silicon Valley and had 108,942 followers at last count.

    • therecoach

      Paul! Thanks for comin 🙂 I read Scoble, I just read that post. If life is truly an 80/20 proposition, then I think you will agree that the Real Estate community is on the 20% side of “Scobleizer”. When I first started teaching Agents about SN's and Blogs about 3 years ago, I had a 12% adoption rate, and that was considered “outstanding”. the vast majority of Realtors are overwhelmed with this new stuff, and anything we can do to make it easier on them, thus keeping them interested, is way cool!

      BTW – I owe you a beer at the next VREBC Meetup! 🙂

      Thanks again for commenting

      • I didn't quite understand what you met by the real estate community being on the 20% side of Scoble. Honestly, I forgot what the 80/20 rule really said so I checked it out at Wikipedia. The theory states that, “for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes”. My observation is that most people in the real estate community are often on the 80% of the equation trying to figure out how to learn and use technology tools to their advantage and earn more income and get into the 20% side of things (or just enough to meet the needs of their family).

        I think this discussion, and what you and Stacey do, is wonderful because “income growth accrues to those with the education and skills required to take advantage of new technology and globalization” (Source:

        This is complicated stuff and any way to make it more simple is awesome. If the concept of “human aggregation” helps people learn how to use twitter (or any other platform) in a way that they receive value then I'm all for it. That's the first step. Then they are more likely to begin to use those same platforms, as modeled by the people who have influence over them, to provide value back to their community.

        That's where the true value of this concept really begins to unfold. Not in being a listener but becoming a trusted voice. (i.e. Phase II, is for Jerry Reed to become a Human Aggregator.)

        BTW – I don't want to have to wait for three months for to collect on that beer. Let's meet again IRL sooner.

        • therecoach

          Paul, you have just right! I think it will do just as you suggested; Allow more people to get involved at the beggining, and as they progress they will develope their own skill set around SM.

          I'll take you up on the offer soon, I agree 4 months is a long time too 🙂

          Enjoy tonight's Championship game…”Roll Tide Roll”!

  • jerryreed

    Eric, I liked your post regarding yesterdays VREBC. All that I spoke with found it to be much better than sitting in the office all day. The 15 minute breaks between each webinar were filled with awesome interchange and a great time of learning. Thanks for the comment as to the spicing up of the words used in my question. Friends say that I need to come out of my shell but i'm not that far out. Enjoyed the day and thanks for all the time you spent helping us.

    • therecoach

      Hey Jerry, so glad you enjoyed yesterday's VREBC Meetup 🙂 As you can tell, I add a bit of humor to posts, as part of my “style”. I didn't want anybody to think you were anything but the “Good Ole Boy” you are 😉 It was meeting fine professionals like you that made yesterday a “banner” day for me, and Pango!

      Thanks for reading me on GEB 🙂

  • Twitter (and Facebook. And LinkedIn) have all cut down – drastically – the time I spend in my RSS reader. Actually, it's TweetDeck that does that for me since in pulls in all three of those SM sites.

    But, and it's a big butt (ha!) the problem is much of TwitFaceIn is transient. If I'm away from the desktop for a few hours, I'm not about to scroll back through a bazillion Tweets to find articles of interest. That's where the reader comes into play. Those posts are always there.

    • therecoach

      Hey Jay, 1st let me say, your piece at VREBC yesterday was voted “Best non BS” by the Attendees at our Meetup 🙂 I think the process you described is a “happy medium”. How about, instead of checking your reader, you went to the Twitter home page of the “Tweeters” you know are following the same Bloggers as you? Then you could read their Tweets for the day, and they could still be your “Human Aggregators”!??? )I know, I'm reaching, but that's what I do!)

      Thanks again for the comment 🙂

      • I avoid pages like the plague.

        Setting up a TweetDeck group though, with twits that have a propensity to tweet good links isn't a bad idea (or make a Twitter list if one insists on using Still, there is so much noise in the Twitter stream that relying solely on Twitter as a “reader” means you WILL miss a LOT.

        • therecoach

          Jay, I think you “hit a home run” with your suggestion to limit your Tweetdeck group to Twits you have a high degree of confidence in! 🙂 If a Twookie (Tweet Rookie) were to start from that point, I think there would be a far higher rate of “StickToItEvness” and that's what Iwas shooting for!


  • Lists on twitter are great for the type of aggregation you're talking about, but I would never rely on it, not ditch RSS for twitter. Heck, if anything, I'm going to subscribe via RSS to a twitter feed. A reader gives me much greater control and is not subject to mood swings or “influence”.

    • therecoach

      Brad! I was talking about you yesterday to the Participants at our VREBC Meetup in The OC, long time since I heard from ya! We were talking about that fateful day when Cindy Lin, Myself, and You met at Pier 1 in SF to discuss putting on the very 1st REBarCamp, Member? You member! Anyway, I'm rambling (Wow, what a surprise!) I agree with you when it comes to “Seasoned” Blog Readers, like yourself. You have been able to develope Time Managment skills around it, that 80% (or more) of your fellow RE Peeps have not . In fact, most of them, struggle to get through 5 or 6 Blogs in a Reader, in a day! I'm writing for them (not that I don't love you Guys that have been in my “Friends” lists for almost 3 years!

      Thanks again for the read, and I hope to see again soon at an RE event in SoCal!

  • durrellthomas

    Coach, could this be the beginning of web 4.0? “Human Aggregator's”

    • therecoach

      Lol, Easy Big Fella (No Offense), we are still in a heated debate over Web 3.0, don't give my detractors any more amo (They are already smarter than me!) It was great to meet you at the VREBC Meetup yesterday, your knowledge of Short Sales was “Invaluable”.Your Clients are blessed to have that type of Realtor in their corner!

      See ya at the next one, right? I'll make sure @FunominulRealtr is there to “keep it real”, lmao

  • Hi,
    I have been using TweetDeck now for several months. Except for its propensity to swallow memory, I think it's probably one of the best Twitter interfaces out there.

    • therecoach

      64gb, “Was ist los”? TweetDeck gets good reviews from many. Does using Tweetdeck, instead of/or in addition to a Reader, save you time? Cause that is the point of my post, to save the “Average Realtor” time in their day, to “shake a few more hands”!

      Thanks for the comment all the way from Germany! 🙂

      Auf Wiedersehen!

  • The longer I have my twitter account, the less I use it. I am not a fan of using it as my feed reader because I just don't fully trust the short URL's.

    I do trust all my RE friends, but twitter has had some issues with security and I would rather trust my feed and scan like geordieromer does.

    I also end up spending a lot of time in my car waiting for my son to get out of various events and my reader is a great way to kill time on the crackberry.

    • therecoach

      Lol Molly, love the “dry” wit! I sense that you may also be somewhat of a “seasoned” veteran at Twitter (and other SN's). Glad to see you have faith in your chosen RE Peeps. If you spend that much time in your car, you may wanna join my crusade (more like begging) to have someone discover a way to get my iPhone screen to appear on my Nav screen (via Sync of course) when I get in my car (they are touch screen too)!!!! See it? WhatchyaThink?

      Thanks for the read! 🙂

    • Molly – do you use a desktop client for Twitter? Some of them (I know TweetDeck does) “expands” the short URLs so you can see it before you click it.

  • johnhaden

    So if there was an app, say a “button” that you could click on any blog or Real Estate site, then get updates from that site filtered by keyword via email, Twitter DM or SMS Text at the intervals you require (as it happens, once a day, once a week) would that solve some of the problems I'm reading about here? Fliptop is about to go into private beta, so if you'd like a demo of what the app does, email @

    • therecoach

      Hey John, the Beta ap you are speaking of will help the more “seasoned” Blog Readers, but may be too soon for the vast majority of Realtors, just now getting into SM. I like the Twitter DM, but I reserve judgemnet until I see the verbaige on the message I recieve. I will send you an email, and give it a try, if it fits this conversation, I will Blog abouit it!

      Thanks for Reading GEB!

  • I wish I could have met up IRL with some local peeps. I can't wait for the recordings so I can see / hear other presentations. I don't use RSS readers as I keep up to date using the awesome powerful features of!

    • therecoach

      Naomi, if you are in the OC area, just email me at and I will put you on the mailing list for the April VREBC meetup. We had a great time, and the feedback has been “Outstanding”, especially the cocktails and appetizers afterward 😉 Hootsuite is quickly becoming a favorite of the RENet “Insiders”, I agree, but using “Human Agregators” (one's I trust with filtering my content noise for me), is where I am saving 5 – 10 hrs a week reading! Lazy? Maybe, but I was going nuts. Now they read em, they filter em, and then they send me a link to the 8% – 10% of them worth reading! See it? It's HUGE!

      Thanks for the Read and Comment 🙂

      • So that Human Agregators is a particular site? I thought you were using that as a term. 🙂 Clarify for me! I'm in the Santa Clarita, CA near Magic Mtn so it would be challenging for me to get to the OC. But if you have anything more centralized, I'm open!

        • You're right, “Human Aggregation” is a concept or philosophy not a website but that is a great idea. Thanks Naomi, you just helped me pick the three most recent domains that infiniteROI acquired.


          Since a website isn't ready, they'll all redirect to this discussion and it might influence more than just real estate. Please keep in mind that new domains take a couple of days before they begin to work as the new dns information propagates across the entire Internet.

          • therecoach

            Naomi, Paul's definition is acurate (Should be, he “Termed” the phrase…lol), and Iwill bring this idea to my counterpart in Glendale, Jerel Taylor (@jerel_taylor on Twitter). Perhaps he can put one together up there? 🙂

            and Paul, love the spirit man…grabbing the domains! I see now why you are an MBA 🙂

          • Grabbing domains for me is like breathing. Hopefully, other people in the community will benefit by learning and engaging in this conversation. After all, wasn't it Ben Franklin who said learning has the best return on your investment?

  • therecoach

    “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”
    Benjamin Franklin quote…

    …Great Quote! Thanks for reminded us 🙂

  • Fantastic! A realtor need this kind of information for more time saving programs. Keep it up.

  • Agreed, wouldn't have found this article if not for my feed reader….. 🙂

  • I was beeing scouring the Web for such information and i wanted to thank you for this post. By the way, just off topic, where can i get a version of this theme? – Thank you

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    • Keep in mind, I wrote this 16 months ago! As of now, it is “Main Stream” practice amongst many in my industry, and really the way most of us “Filter The Noise” … glad to see the message lives on even now =)

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