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More on Chatbots

You likely know I’ve been thinking about bots recently.

For those curious about the topic, I encourage to to read Inside chatbots’ year of growing pain: We’re at an inflection point on Marketing Land.

Like I said, I do see potential for bots. I just think we’re early days.

Would it be accurate to sum up where bots are today, by saying:

Hey, I’m just a dumb bot.

Or, is there something I’m missing?

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  • Nate Joens

    Drew, bots are early for sure even for the experts. Facebook’s own bot, named “M” hit a 70% failure rate. However, this was a bot trying to everything under the sun.

    When the scope of the bot is reduced to 1 industry accuracy skyrockets. Take AdmitHub, building a bot for universities to allow students to message. Their bot now handles 85%+ of incoming messages successfully.

    Basically, bots are only as good as the data they are trained on. Companies like Google and Facebook have infinite sources of data which allow their “digital assistants” to seem all-knowing. However, ask Google Assistant to find you a “2 bed home with SS applncs and a w/o basement” and it will still be left clueless.

    Domain specific data is the key to training these dumb bots. Its why we’ve spent months hand tagging tens of thousands of real estate data points for our deep learning models.

    I’m curious to know if you see more potential for bots in real estate to make the lives of consumers easier, or agents?

    • Real estate agents more so than consumers at this point.

  • Ryan Gullett

    When I think of bots recently, I think of Google Assistant and all the home devices like Echo, Google Home, etc.

    I have always thought I really cool bot would be a voice assisted home search. You just speak what you want to see:

    “Show me 3 bedroom homes in Riverside, CA”

    And it brings up your search. You could brand the bot as a personality, and it be your “virtual real estate agent”.

    • Sounds good in theory, but I encourage you to try it. The experience if far worse than the current experience.

      The Zillow apple tv app with voice functionality would be far far better, because you’re already looking at a screen.

      I tried the Kayak Echo app for a flight search (same geo + additional parameters as real estate). The experience was terrible. Took like 30 seconds to do something that takes 3-5 seconds on a phone/computer.

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