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The Real Estate App Landscape – with Hackpad / Google Spreadsheet

google-play-apple-storeEveryone reading this blog are Geeks. You’re more tech savvy than the average agent, by a mile.

I tried to pry your home screen apps out of you several months ago, but this is an attempt to go a little bit more in depth with the real estate app landscape — where it is now, and where it’s going next. I got to thinking about the app landscape while listening to Rob’s latest podcast, which talked a bit about @gent App by @properties. I got to wondering, what are other brokers doing with apps? I am obviously only one person, so it seemed the best way to actually get a fairly accurate overall representation of what’s happening in real estate app-land was to make it an open, transparent, collaborative process.

I create two docs. One Google Spreadsheet, and one Hackpad. Please contribute whatever knowledge you have based on your personal experience in your local market.

The inspiration for collaboration were two of Fred Wilson’s recent collaborative projects — top iOS and Android apps in the US and a hackpad for billion dollar valuations for 2003-2013.

Hackpad – the landscape. At a high level, what is worth noting? Trends to watch?

View Real Estate App Landscape on Hackpad.

Speadsheet with all the various apps out there (pls add to it), and strengths and weaknesses of each.

As you can tell, this two docs are far from complete. I don’t know the first thing about all the various apps that exist all over the country, and the world (I’d love to get some data about real estate apps in other countries included).

PS: If you abuse the Google Doc by deleting other people’s strengths and weaknesses, then we’ll be forced to shut it down and do everything in the Hackpad, since it logs everything to user names. Play nice, por favor.

Without further adieu, have at it…

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