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Approaches to Narrowing Search Results

by Drew Meyers on 1:28 pm May 4, 2017

I wrote an article recently about helping buyers find the perfect home more efficiently. Though I still don’t think finding “the absolute perfect home” is something buyers are clamoring for in an online search experience, I do believe there to be immense value in helping buyers discover the properties relevant to them (without wading through crap that’s not). There’s a few approaches to narrowing a search: Standard filters — almost every real estate search website has basic search parameters such as price, beds, baths, square footage, … Read More »

2014 Prediction: The Consumer Shift toward Personalized, Agent-Curated Search

by Drew Meyers on 1:18 pm December 27, 2013

There are lots of technology trends to watch in 2014 (Brad Inman’s here). I happen to believe the one that will break through on the consumer side is going to be personalized, agent-curated search. I’ve written about this is more, but I’ll say it again. Less is more. There’s simply too many listings for the average buyer to browse and process. Agents can (and already do) curate those results for buyers. AgentFolio saw this opportunity several years ago, and streamlined the communication between agent and buyer with … Read More »

Real Estate Search: Less is More

by Drew Meyers on 5:58 pm July 14, 2013

I firmly believe the future of search – in all verticals – is less information, from more trusted sources. For instance, in the travel industry, travelers don’t want to spend hours sorting through 50+ reviews about every hotel or activity. They want concise information, from trusted sources – hence the reason we built “welcome kits”. Real estate is no different. The listings landscape is beyond noisy. Hundreds, or thousands depending on where they are looking, of listings can be found across hundres of websites. How … Read More »

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