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Tag Archives: Firefox

Why Kills Google's Twitter Announcement

by Matthew Dollinger on 4:55 pm October 22, 2009

Google and Twitter has been big news across the blogosphere today… unfortunately it provokes a “meh” response from me. Why? Because a simple plugin for IE or Firefox called WebMynd (that has been around for quite a while) already did this and much much more. Read More »

Firefox 3.5 Released

by Michael Price on 8:42 pm July 1, 2009

The latest release of Firefox (3.5) is now available for download. So far I am extremely impressed with the stability and speed. There are quite a few changes for a .5 upgrade, not the least of which is support for the long awaited HTML5 tags for audio and video. When fully implemented the web is going be a much better multimedia environment that will pretty much do away with the need for plug-ins to implement video and audio content. You’ll be able to enclose any … Read More »

Test Our Your Blog or Website In 50+ Different Browsers!

by James Shiner on 6:28 pm January 29, 2009

Anyone who has designed a website or blog knows how tedious it can be to make sure it is cross browser compatible. You have to test in Internet Explorer 6, 7 and now 8. You have to test in Firefox, Safari, and the list goes on. It can be a daunting task and I know I dread it every time I’m done with the CSS for a site. Well, instead of pulling up Parallels every time I needed to test in Internet Explorer on Windows … Read More »

A Shiny New Google Project: Chrome

by Michael Price on 8:20 am September 2, 2008

Google has the world abuzz again today with the announcement of their latest project, Chrome. Chrome is Google’s answer to the browser battle. Why create a new browser? Simple, if you’re entire business model is based upon the future of the browser being the single interface for all computing applications (desktop or mobile), you probably want to have some say in how the interface is designed and operates. Chrome is developed based upon an open source set of development tools, also released by Google, called … Read More »

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