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What the Funnel is going on around here?

by Geordie Romer on 2:35 pm July 22, 2009

Back at Portland’s Real Estate Bar Camp I was intrigued by a discussion led by Galen Ward of Estately about how to increase conversions on real estate websites. How do we take visitors to our blog or website and turn them into closed sales? I’m not sure we came up with any hard and fast rules or even best practices. My takeaways? Forced registration for IDX search probably doesn’t help. It takes about 2500 visitors to have any real data to see if what you … Read More »

Is Real Estate Lead Generation 1.0 Dead?

by Brian Bowman on 9:00 am July 14, 2008

Lead Generation 1.0: Challenges with Lead Generation Today The lead generation industry has been significantly impacted by legislation, a downturn in the economy and tightening of consumer credit. In 2007 and 2008, several large lead generation companies went out of business or stopped generating leads (,, Loanweb, Loanpage). FTC investigations into lead generation incentive tactics cast a shadow over the industry, and ValueClick’s settlement marked the dawn of a new day where companies are forced to revamp acquisition methods to give consideration to the … Read More »

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