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OpenStreetView – A New Alternative to StreetView

by Drew Meyers on 1:28 pm August 22, 2016

OpenStreetView recently launched (SearchEngineLand coverage). Real estate is a big vertical for Google Maps and StreetView. For the mapping geeks out there, you should take a look. If you’d like to learn more, here’s a presentation with more of the thinking/vision: For those interested in the mapping space, another player you should be aware of is Mapbox (who I spoke with at Inman a few weeks ago, and added to the post about local data sources).

Hoodline’s Neighborhood Kits for Your Website

by Drew Meyers on 12:07 pm July 12, 2016

I hadn’t seen Hoodline before; here’s their about page description: We want to be the go-to source for news about the places where you live, work and play. Restaurant openings, housing developments, retail news and more — whatever’s happening in your neighborhood, we’ll get the scoop and keep you in the loop. The same goes for crime, transportation issues, and the lowdown on the woman walking her duck around the Haight. We’re curious about all of it. And we’re pretty sure you are, too. They … Read More »

Sources for Local Neighborhood Data

by Drew Meyers on 11:22 am June 19, 2016

A big part of a real estate professionals job is knowing your local area better than anyone else. Whether looking for blogging inspiration, researching a specific topic for a blog, or seeking answers for clients moving to the area — where do you research neighborhoods? It’s been quite awhile since I’ve written about local neighborhood data sources (see here), so thought I’d put together another list: Yelp Foursquare StreetAdvisor WalkScore Mapbox Hoodline’s Neighborhood Kits Local neighborhood blogs City websites 2010 Census Data Remember, you can use the … Read More »

Mapping Your Cities’ Neighborhoods

by Drew Meyers on 9:00 am June 7, 2016

I came across via a retweet of this tweet from Gahlord. Having spent a fair amount of time thinking about neighborhoods while working at Zillow (see here, here, and here), this is an interesting approach. For the brokerages out there, perhaps you should consider taking on a similar initiative for your own city as a means of building community as well as building a unique asset (that’s very hard to replicate) to be referenced by others later.

BlockAvenue Launches – Discover Neighborhoods Like Never Before

by Drew Meyers on 10:43 am September 20, 2012

BlockAvenue launched to the world today. Their goal is build a comprehensive database of reviews for every city block in the country (and maybe world?). A pretty ambitious goal — but nothing worth doing is easy. At launch, most of their data is focused around Boston, NYC, and Washington DC (which happen to be the three cities I’m visiting on my East Coast trip from Oct 2 – Oct 23). I have never lived in those cities (but thinking about relocating to the Big Apple), … Read More »

Zillow Adds Neighborhood Advice via Facebook Connect

by Drew Meyers on 2:39 am January 19, 2012

Zillow launched Neighborhood Advice. As a home buyer, Neighborhood Advice recommends which friends (via Facebook Connect) to ask about the particular neighborhood or city they are searching in. I would bet almost every single home buyer asks at least a few people — either online or offline — what a particular community they are looking to buy in is like to live in. Most web sites that succeed do so by enabling users to do things THEY ALREADY DO OFFLINE more efficiently online. This is … Read More »

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