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Zillow is competing against you, and using your own name to do it

by Mike McGee on 12:22 pm May 30, 2015

I’m not one of those guys who thinks that Zillow aims to put agents out of business. Zillow needs agents, as they are Zillow’s primary revenue source. But neither have I deluded myself into thinking that Zillow is not competing with agents & brokers. They clearly are. Many Zillow apologists will deny this, claiming their only goal is to help agents succeed. Yes, Zillow does help many agents get business, but that’s not mutually exclusive with competing against them. (More about this later.) This, in and … Read More »

5 Ways to Write PPC Ads That Get Clicks & Conversions

by Robert McGale on 6:45 am December 20, 2012

Despite all the buzz surrounding social media and mobile marketing, pay per click (PPC) advertising is still a powerful tool for getting targeted clicks and increasing website conversions. In fact, sponsored search results account for 64.6% of clicks for keyword searches of highly commercial terms. For real estate professionals, this means that your target audience does pay attention to PPC ads, and if you use them properly, you can drive traffic to your landing pages and get more quality leads. However, simply launching a PPC campaign and throwing up a … Read More »

5 Ways to use Retargeting for Real Estate

by Zack Hanebrink on 8:49 am December 3, 2012

Retargeting has been a buzzword for the past year or so, and for good reason. Retargeting is an effective tool to increase website conversions. Depending on your setup, it can often be an inexpensive marketing channel. So how would you use retargeting for real estate? 1. Listings This idea has multiple benefits. First, you can use retargeting to promote your listings. This is an opportunity to really impress your clients! Showing them the impressions alone is enough to get them excited. Your data will likely … Read More »

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