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Tag Archives: Project Upstream

A Few Thoughts on Upstream

by Drew Meyers on 9:47 am August 21, 2015

I’m somewhat surprised I haven’t written anything about Project Upstream yet (though Bryn has). Rob has written about the topic numerous times recently (see here and here) which got me thinking about broker listing data, and the future of the MLS. I actually mostly agree with Rob’s vision and thinking of a modular system where brokers control their listing data, and can easily grant access (or revoke it) to any vendor/partner. That said, I’m not sure the path to get there, since the only way that world exists if … Read More »

Project Upstream should be a tremendous benefit for Zillow

by Bryn Kaufman on 1:18 pm July 17, 2015

Project Upstream, as far as I can tell, is all about consolidating the MLS data. Zillow currently has to take data from hundreds of MLS organizations, in a variety of formats, and consolidate it to put it on Zillow. Once Upstream is completed, they will have one nice data set that includes all the data nationwide in one format. It will be a huge benefit for them, other portals, and large brokers that cover multiple states. As for individual agents that cover just one area like … Read More »

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