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Tag Archives: real estate websites

Real Estate Website Migration Update

by BenFisher on 2:14 pm December 14, 2011

In my last post on here, I went over the process I was going through migrating my website from a WordPress platform with IDX integration over to the Real Estate Webmasters platform. So here is a little update for those who are following. First of all, right after my previous post I decided to make a major change and switch my domain over to a new URL. is now 301 redirected to All of the IDX pages were individually redirected to corresponding pages … Read More »

Time For A Change! Current Stats

by BenFisher on 2:47 pm October 3, 2011

Well all, it is time to move away from my basic as can be WordPress site, with a theme from StudioPress (which I love BTW!) to a new platform for my real estate website. I’ve learned a ton along the way in creating my own website but I am finding that I spend way too much personal time fidgeting with it and trying to make it perfect, and not enough time doing what it is supposed to help with, selling real estate. My current IDX … Read More »

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