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Law Enforcement, Education, Real Estate — and Communities

by Drew Meyers on 10:08 pm November 29, 2016

I read Greg Fischer’s latest blog post here, and it ended with a video you should all watch. It’s Nate Bowling (2016 Washington Teacher of the Year) talking about law enforcement, education, real estate — the three most critical forces building/shaping communities. Honestly, it’s long (40 minutes with Q&A) — but you really should watch, listen deeply, and think about what he’s saying. A couple of my own thoughts… Fact: there is a life lottery that exists in this world, and it’s as simple as where you’re … Read More »

A Creative Way to Think About Deciding Where to Live

by Drew Meyers on 11:33 am January 18, 2014

BuzzFeed recently put out a “What City Should You Live In” quiz. I’ve seen multiple people talk about this quiz in my Facebook feed today. Why? BuzzFeed made it fun, and easy, to fill out. And they gave you an end result to talk about. No doubt, there’s room for an innovative and fun lead generation approach in the relocation market. Big brokers and franchises would be wise to learn from, and tackle something like this. PS – I was told I should live in … Read More »

Trover – Show Off the Hidden Gems in Your Community

by Drew Meyers on 5:40 am December 16, 2013

Everyone knows agents and brokers have incredible knowledge about the communities they live and work in. Travelers, of course, could benefit from that deep knowledge (as I’ve written about). As could locals, who may not know the area as well as you or are looking to explore a new part of town. The travel – relocation angle is very real, so much so that we considered pivoting Oh Hey World to focus on it. OHW never had the right product for connecting travelers with knowledge from agents … Read More »

Are you an Entrepreneur Working on a Relocation Startup for the Real Estate Vertical?

by Drew Meyers on 1:09 pm October 24, 2013

If the answer is yes, then you should certainly read this; my entire thought process of how we were thinking about approaching the relocation vertical if we pivoted Oh Hey World. That said, we’ve officially bagged the idea of pivoting to a relocation scenario. We’re going to stick to focusing on connecting people over shared interests, passions, and communities/groups — via our new community pages. On that note, if you read this blog regularly, please join the Geek Estate community (note you’ll need to sign in … Read More »

Is There Room for a “Relocation” App? The Thinking Behind a Potential Pivot of Oh Hey World to Relocation

by Drew Meyers on 3:28 pm September 1, 2013

If you follow this blog regularly, you undoubtedly have noticed I’ve written about relocation several times over the past few months. The reason behind that is because we’ve been exploring a “pivot” (a startup term for when you shift a company/product in a different direction) for Oh Hey World that would mean it would be positioned as a relocation product rather than a travel product. Since I believe execution, and not ideas, are what make companies…I’ll share the entire thinking behind the potential pivot. If … Read More »

Travel-Relocation, and Breadcrumbs

by Drew Meyers on 10:30 am August 24, 2013

A month or so ago, I wrote about the travel-relocation dynamic. And, it’s no secret, leaving breadcrumbs all over the internet that lead back to your website is a viable, and proven strategy. It’s extremely hard to get links within from local bloggers particularly if they are real estate blogs, since the people who own real estate sites are largely competing with you for the same limited SEO traffic. So, going to other verticals – such as travel – is the best way to get links … Read More »

Showing Your City in a Great Light, and Reaching Relocation Buyers Early in the Process

by Drew Meyers on 6:55 am April 22, 2013

Are the following true statements for you? You love your city, and desire that everyone to see your city in a great light when they visit. You seek to get your branding in front of relocation buyers as early in their process as possible. If you know your city well, and any good real estate agent does, you already know what to tell friends when they ask for a few tips about how to best enjoy your city. And you likely have answered those questions … Read More »

Relocation Inquiries & Strategies

by Drew Meyers on 2:08 am March 26, 2013

This post will be brief. I’m curious about a few things (I’ll explain why later)… Do you have very specific digital “relocation” packages you send to relocation inquires you get from your networks? Anyone have physical relocation packages you send in the mail? Do you have a specific funnel you try to work your relocation leads through? What sort of feedback do you get to help you understand whether your information is valuable or not? How do you know whether anyone even looks at it? … Read More »

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