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Tag Archives: Social Networking

Using The Roost App To Plan Your Facebook Posts For The Week

by stephaniecrawford on 12:45 pm September 6, 2011

I’ve been using the Roost App to pre-plan my Facebook business page posts for a few weeks and I must say that I’m impressed with the ease, convenience and supplied content. My personal real estate fan page has been around for about a year, and while engagement is still a little slow, my goal is to post frequently in an attempt to stay “top of mind” with those in my circles. The Roost app makes this simple. Their claim that you can spend only 20 … Read More »

VREBC "Meetups" are Networking & Learning Bonanza! Don't Miss Out

by TheRECoach on 10:48 am January 11, 2010

Last Monday, Stacey Harmon (Pango Group’s Director of Social Media) and Myself, were blessed with a unique opportunity to host a “Meetup” for the Jan 4th 2010 Virtual BarCamp (VREBC) at First Team Real Estate in beautiful Costa Mesa Ca.                 As one of the “Original BarCampers” dating back to its inception in S.F., prior to the Inman convention in 2008, I was desperate for a way to bring back the “True Spirit” of REBarCamps to the new and innovative “Virtual” BarCamp! When it was … Read More »

Kiss Your "RSS" Good-bye!

by TheRECoach on 5:46 pm January 5, 2010

Kiss Your “RSS” Goodbye! Ok, so I’m hosting “The World’s Best IRL Meetup” for VREBC (Virtual REBarCamp) yesterday in Costa Mesa w/ The talented Ms. Stacey Harmon (and a Cameo appearance by Everyone’s Tech Guy, Loren Nason) when during a break in the action a fantastic, intuitive, spontaneous discussion breaks out! (that’s why we do the IRL Meetups for VREBC, so people can talk to other people, instead of “Vegetating” in front of their laptop in Jammies!, but I digress)…so anyway, Stacey answers the very … Read More »

TwitCam – Streaming Video for Twitter

by Brad Andersohn on 2:19 pm July 23, 2009

Livestream announced a new video product for Twitter called This is not a “How To” video product for those who like to put together bicycles without instructions! lol~ All you need is a webcam and a twitter account and you can stream live video and chat on Posts your video description and link to Twitter for followers to see. While broadcasting, chat with viewers from your broadcast page. There is no sign up required, no software required, will handle up to 100,000 plus … Read More »

Social Media in Real Estate – Part 3: ActiveRain

by James Shiner on 12:04 pm January 15, 2009

Are you a part of the largest real estate network? If you’re not, you should be. It’s FREE to join! What are you waiting for!? Join Now! If you are, then you’re already taking the right steps towards success. I am of course talking about ActiveRain. From the site: “Our goal is to ‘Empower the real estate professional‘ and as an extension empower the consumer.” So what does this mean for you, the real estate agent, you might ask? Well let me tell you. ActiveRain … Read More »

LinkedIn gets Linked In

by Brad Andersohn on 4:51 pm November 4, 2008

In my opinion, even with millions of members, LinkedIn has always been a site to ‘meme’ yourself to death, and brag about others.  Recommend, and get recommended.  The site, again in my opinion, was not much more than, an on-line profile, a resume’ of sorts, and a way to have a presence on another semi-social platform.  Naturally though, anyone from any business should, or has a profile there.  Well watch out, LinkedIn has announced some new tools for the members.  I guess LinkedIn wants to be … Read More »

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