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Tag Archives: social networks

Why Kills Google's Twitter Announcement

by Matthew Dollinger on 4:55 pm October 22, 2009

Google and Twitter has been big news across the blogosphere today… unfortunately it provokes a “meh” response from me. Why? Because a simple plugin for IE or Firefox called WebMynd (that has been around for quite a while) already did this and much much more. Read More »

Mixx it up – New Communities Feature

by Jeremy Rivera on 2:33 pm June 26, 2008

One of the big social bookmarking platforms has been; it is a very 2.0 platform allowing submission of articles, pictures and videos. They’ve taken the next step in branching out into becoming a full blown Social Media site by releasing their Mixx Communities. This very quickly allows Mixxers to create and participate in bookmark exchanging societies. It was just announced today, so it will be interesting to see how it grows. The interface is very intuitive, and easy to setup. I was able to … Read More »

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