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Connecting Adventurers, Travelers And Homebuyers Through A Mobile App?

by Julie Ziemelis on 3:09 pm February 20, 2017

I recently attended a luxury real estate conference on Oahu and enjoyed a presentation by Michela O’Connor Abrams, President and CEO of Dwell who discussed lifestyle home ownership trends. She mentioned that many of the people purchasing second homes were people in their 40’s and 50’s making over $200k a year. This group did not want the McMansions of yesteryear, saw the value of smaller homes and wanted a more nimble lifestyle. After her talk, I spoke to some of the luxury Realtors in the room and asked them … Read More »

San Francisco Tomorrow through Wednesday (20th)

by Drew Meyers on 5:32 pm May 14, 2015

I’ll be in San Francisco tomorrow (May 15) until the evening of Wednesday (20th). I always like meeting people who read the blog in person — are you in the Bay Area? Send me an email (drew at horizonapp co)…or, do the following: Download Horizon from an iPhone or iPad, and set your lives in city in settings (you can also set host side settings from our web app) Enter the group unlock code: geekestate2015

Getting into Travel Industry is Still Absurd – and You Should Still Do It

by Drew Meyers on 10:00 am April 13, 2015

I got a question from a developer friend of mine this weekend, wondering whether Horizon had an API. I asked him why, and he responded with: Have a guy pinging me about helping him design/position a real estate mls + back office for [country X]. I always wondered why more people don’t integrate with services like yours in areas of interest so they can help people check out a place and then have an inside track on selling them a property later I wonder the … Read More »

My Upcoming Travel Schedule

by Drew Meyers on 7:08 am February 24, 2015

I’ll be traveling on business for Horizon most of March, and would love to meet some of you if you live in, or traveling to, any of the cities I’m visiting: San Francisco – March 2-9 Boulder – March 9-17 New York City – March 17-24/25 (haven’t booked my return yet) In one of those cities? Send me an email (drew at horizonapp co)…or, do the following: Download Horizon from an iPhone or iPad, and set your lives in city in settings (iOS only right … Read More »

Upcoming Travel Schedule

by Drew Meyers on 8:52 pm July 2, 2014

You all know I’m a travel addict. And news flash: that isn’t changing anytime soon. In a couple weeks, I’m headed back out on the travel trail. Well, more like the “moving” trail since I’ll be living in Santiago, Chile for 6 months as part of the Start-up Chile program to work on Horizon. I wrote a bit about the coming journey on my personal blog today. Every team member participating in the program receives a 1 year residency visa. Since no Chile consulate exists here in Seattle, … Read More »

Oh Hey World – 250 Early Beta Invites Up For Grabs

by Michael Price on 9:00 pm March 12, 2013

When I met Drew Meyers for the first time I was immediately impressed with him as young man intent on soaking up every bit of knowledge a human could consume. He’s a quiet combination of compassion and passion. It’s refreshing to find someone who sees his drive to better himself inextricably tied to a commitment to help others. A rare combination indeed. We’ve been good friends since. Drew acquired this blog after leaving Zillow. They decided to consolidate their blog offerings at the time and … Read More »

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