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The Best Agent Video I Have Ever Seen

Over the last three months or so I have had the privilege of getting to know a sharp Manhattan Beach Real Estate agent named Greg Geilman. Interestingly, we met half way across the country, where he showed me the amazing things he has done with video.  Within a few moments I knew I was dealing with a true professional that is going to make a dent in his local market for years to come.

Greg taught me the power of video.  Take a look at his agent spotlight video by scrolling down a bit on his home page and then continue reading this post.

Ok now close your mouth and get rid of those star struck eyes.  Yes, what you just witnessed is a perfect cocktail of amazing, inspiring, and class.  As a chaser you can feel free to view his first class testimonial videos.

The videos communicate so much.  He is detail oriented, that he cares about his clients, that he is taking steps to set himself apart, that he is a good listener, that he is a local, and that he knows how to treat this real estate thing like a business.  That last point being what truly sets successful agents apart.

As a result of his videos, and of course the fact that he is actually an excellent Realtor, Greg has received referrals from agents across the country in addition to those that roll in for him on a regular basis from his clients.

The power of video can be far beyond what most of us imagine.  You just have to dare be different and to put a bit more love, time, and money into your work.  I know I am behind the ball when it comes to video, which is why I am thankful to Greg for inspiring me to step up.  What do you think?

About Daniel Beer

Daniel is a San Diego real estate agent focusing on Santaluz homes for sale. He also has a passion for helping people moving to San Diego and introducing them to the city he loves.

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  • Tom

    It’s OK. As far as the BEST real estate video ever? I would maybe get out on YouTube and look around a bit. This is an OK… very typical, average agent bio. Not bad at all, but nothing special, really.

    • Megan

      i’ve actually been spending time recently on youtube trying to find great examples of real estate videos. I haven’t found much that even approach this level of effort. Can you give links to any you’ve seen and believe are great?

      • Agreed. I’d love to see them because I have never seen anything even close. And did you see the testimonial videos? Excellent.

  • Well, I have not seen too many agent videos so far. But I must say, this is far better than others I saw before. Thanks for all the details sent.

  • Thanks Daniel. It was a lot of fun to produce. I agree that video is an important medium that agents can utilize to connect with potential clients.

  • South Bay Digs

    Thrilled to see Greg getting so much great press and traction from this video. He was definately ahead of the curve with his vision when we collaborated to produce this piece for him. Greg had a very keen sense of what he wanted and the result has earned him all the praise he deserves for this video. Hope it brings him a ton of business!

  • Lenore Wilkas

    This is a great example of why one should spend the money on having a professionally shot and produced video. They are not cheap to do but obviously its paid Greg back in spades, or should I say, diamonds?

  • Paul Barrow

    Very well done, the professional touch is awesome. My 2012 goal to “master video” is underway but has already begun to pay dividends. I have two relo clients so far who tell me our rudimentary “video walk throughs” are essential for long distance shopping and much more helpful than photos (a video is worth a thousand pictures?). I have also begun to create amateur listing videos.

  • Jared Xamir

    Great video Greg. The videos below are highlighting a home versus an agent, but these agents are definitely thinking outside the box.

  • David

    Greg is definitely pushing ahead of the curve. Here’s another great sample from my office mate Brian Ladd in Bend Oregon.
    his website is
    Here’s our company video also:
    Hope you all enjoy and get some inspiration.

    David Holland

    Principal Broker
    Cascade Sotheby’s SIR

    650 SW Bond St. Suite 100

    Bend OR 97702

    Cell: 541-306-1649
    Fax: 541-508-4202

  • Cy

    That is really great – we’ve been working on a new video listings for commercial real estate with some good results:

  • James V

    Great article, after reading it I went and did a basic video for our office. If you have any addition pointers I’d to her them. I’ll definitely be back.

  • Andrew Mooers

    Video is huge for recall, SEO bell ringing and eyes/ears marketing reach, frequency. Less than 5% of agents, brokers, REALTORS use full motion with sound video so if you are the little red hen in your market than does, you will clean up, stand out. Win way way more trips to real estate conference room table closings. The area flavor, community spirit is the mortar around the sticks and bricks and video delivers the local turf so well.

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