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The RE Tech Vendor Scene is Slowly Consolidating – Zillow Acquirers RentJuice

RentJuice is now part of Zillow.

I love this strategic move by Zillow to get into the rentals market in a big, big way.

Speaking of acquisitions, I wonder which real estate technology vendor will be next to be acquired?

The likely candidates in my book? Altos, WellcomeMat, and WiseAgent are three that come to mind. I’m actually amazed that someone doesn’t buy Z57 simply for the number of links it would give them control over almost immediately and the sales staff they have in San Diego. Then again, the Z57 brand is going to be hard to revive. But why not buy Z57, transfer all their clients over to a newer, better website platform, and ditch the brand?

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  • Thanks for your insights, Mr. Meyers. Altos, WellcomeMat, and WiseAgent are all great choices and I have to agree. 

    Hey, I wanted to clue you in on a neat technology recently developed by one of America’s top real estate brokers, Joel Carson. Carson built Prudential Utah Real Estate from the ground up and it became the seventh largest company in the nation.

    He recently introduced a technology called gmob. Real estate professionals depend on the spread of their telephone number for quick communication and motivated leads. They also need to be able to share contact information fast. gmob let’s you use your mobile phone number for an email address. It’s simple, the gmob email address then forwards to your current email provider.

    It sounds really simple, I know, but it’s an awesome and free service. You can learn more about it at

  • Tina Fine

    If I were a brokerage, I’d be thinking about a way to get back the information marketplace.  The very reason Zillows and Trulias were brought into existence is what is keeping the MLSs from saving their own skin.  Coordinate, level the playing field with data for all, and Zillow, Trulia and all the rest go away.  Concentration is good for Zillow, that’s just easy economics, it may not be good for MLSs or brokerages.  Is it good for consumers? — possibly, but I’d rather see price options and brokerage options in the marketplace rather than more and more cool tech features that don’t give people consumer choice.

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