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The Real Estate Agent Spam Problem is Real

Geek Estate received a visitor the other day from this search term on Google:

how to stop unwanted calls from real estate agents

I’d say this proves the SPAM problem we’ve discussed here previously (and here) is real.

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  • I guess it is getting bad when people search how to stop it.

    I think the fact that SPAM is illegal because it is such a pain, and we have the Do Not Call list, along with all kinds of rules, such as it is illegal to call a cell phone from a multi-line dialing device, is also proof it is a problem.

    Really, it is just common sense. If you don’t like SPAM yourself, then do not send it. If you do not like to be bothered during your family time and other times by random telemarketing calls, then don’t do that either.

  • The email spam is a much bigger problem.

    • Jeff, for me the calling and text messages are a bigger problem. Most SPAM gets put in my SPAM folder automatically. If one slips through, I can label it SPAM, and that sender won’t be bothering me again. If enough people label that sender as a spammer, the service that sends their email will shut them down.

      Regarding Email SPAM, I have read threads on Realtor Facebook Groups, where Realtors were sending SPAM and getting shut down or simply ending up in the SPAM folder. They were then discussing how to send SPAM and get around those issues.

      The calling and the text messages are harder to block. Perhaps there are ways, but I am not aware of how to do it offhand.

      In addition, the calling creates an uncomfortable situation and more time wasted should the person being spammed answer the call. Then they have to figure out how to get off that call, without sounding too rude, which is a much longer process than simply deleting an email or text message.

  • I forgot to mention Realtors are on to a new form of SPAM to in the form of sending unwanted text messages.

  • Ben Kubic

    Not to say that there isn’t a problem, but coming from a math and science background, I have to point out that an N of 1 doesn’t really prove anything…

    • haha, touche

    • Someone searching for a way to stop it proves it is a real problem, for some people. No clue how many people think it’s a problem though.

      • OK, now I see your point. It is hard to pull out of the data how many people are having problems specific to Realtors sending SPAM or making unwanted calls.

    • Ben, not sure what you mean, as thousands have complained about SPAM emails, SPAM text messages, and unwanted calls on their cell phone. This is why the government has passed laws making these things illegal.

      This is not rocket science to figure out. Simple google searches will give you updated stats on SPAM.

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