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The Turn On Podcast

1000Watt announced the Turn On Podcast today, and released the first version. Head on over and listen.

One thought I come back to after listening to a few of Marc’s thoughts on a broker loving local, is the socially conscious broker/agent. A brokerage could really tell a great story around supporting a specific cause (assuming they are actually doing it, and not just talking about it). Imagine a scenario where a brokerage was heavily partnered with an organization such as Scripted. Maybe the market wasn’t ready for socially conscious brokerages a couple years ago, but I still believe we’re going to see a big influx of innovative approaches to supporting local communities — and that will blend into lifestyle brokerages.

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  • I thought the podcast was too long, almost 20 minutes. I think people want shorter bites of info. Also, it seems it would be more interesting to do a screen cast showing websites they like and why vs. just talking.

  • Don Martin

    How frequently can you podcast before it takes too much of your time?

    • Depends on how efficient someone is. Maybe every couple weeks?

      • How do you attract enough traffic to make it worthwhile?

        • It’s playing the long game on developing/maintaining thought leadership. If you try to put hard dollar ROI over a short(ish) time frame, probably would never pay off.

          • I didn’t mean an aspirin, I really meant ongoing. How do people get to you and moreover, do they stay?

          • Some people have an existing audience, and podcasts/videocasts are just a different means to communicate in more intimate way.

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