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Web 3.0 – Discussion #1 – "OMG, I Never Thought of That!"

I wrote the 1st post “Web 3.0 – A Post Intended to “Define” & “Design”, here on Geek Estate Blog, because I felt it was the best venue to begin an open discussion on a difficult, Technology related, topic and here I am with my 1st follow up post resulting from the very 1st comment I received on my original post on my personal Blog instead. Not that the comments here on GEB weren’t great, because they clearly were, and I am so “Geeked” to follow up on them as well. In fact, they inspired a “Round Table” style discussion that will take place on Blog Talk Radio on Tuesday Nov 24th at 10am PST, so hold on to your hats, because with the infamous Phoenix Real Estate Guy Jay Thompson, Tyler Hurst, and Zane Burnett of as my fellow panelists & Moderated by Steven Groves, I know this is gonna be the “Springboard” I had envisioned, when I came up with this crazy idea!!!

But, I digress, back to my point. I received this comment from Judi Nield, shortly after my original Blog…

Yes! Yes! YES!! Brilliant! Your comments remind me of the movie Eagle Eye – an amazing futuristic flic about how a hub source, a technology called “The Eagle Eye” uses data from cell phones, internet, media sites, traffic cameras, etc to compile endless amounts of data for everyone in the world… and uses that data to then control the world.

Though the movie is quite a sensationalized concept, I sincerely think there is significant truth to your Web 3.0 theory.”

OMG! I thought, think about how true this really is??? For decades, Hollywood has given us a secret “Glimpse into our future” and here are just a few examples…

From a post on that I found entertaining, as well as fascinating…

Future-seeing movies aren’t always accurate (T2? Judgement Day? 1997? No). But, thanks to the joy of hindsight, we can celebrate the stories where sci-fi became sci-reality…
The Film: Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004)

What It Predicted:A memory-washing procedure – created by Dr Mierzwiak (Tom Wilkinson) and offered by Lacuna, Inc. and now…”Dutch ‘boffins’ have discovered that a common heart medicine might help people suffering from traumatic memories by erasing them from their heads – just like from out of Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.”

The Film: The Truman Show (1998)

What It Predicted:
Reality TV was in its infancy when Andrew Niccol posited the idea that we could watch someone live out the mundanities of their life on television.

The Film: Blade Runner (1982)

What It Predicted: A smog-covered, sprawling future-LA cityscape dominated by giant, animated billboards.

The Film: Videodrome (1983)

What It Predicted:A sort of merging of the corporeal world with the hyperreality of video and television – by way of user-generated material. That, we think you’ll find, equals YouTube!

The Film: Soylent Green (1973)

What It Predicted: A world choked with pollution and overpopulation that’s led to energy wars and meteorological chaos…Uhmmm, GLOBAL WARMING?

The Film: Short Circuit (1986)

What It Predicted: War-bots that can think for themselves on the battlefield.

The Film: Forbidden Planet (1956)

What It Predicted: The crew of United Planets Cruiser C-57D all came equipped with tiny communicators and cameras on their belt buckles…Can you say iPhone or Blackberry?

The Film: The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy (2005)

What It Predicted: This! The Internet. A user-generated, ever-evolving font of knowledge. AHA!!! Web 3.0!???? Hmmmmmmmmm

Get on board you guys! Let’s talk about this. Make a comment, that may lead to my next post. Make a comment that may lead to the next great Technological breakthrough. Make a comment that says I am an Idiot! I don’t care, JUST MAKE A COMMENT! …

and don’t forget to tune in to the panel show on Blog Talk Radio Tuesday Nov 24th PST and help us take the next step in “Designing & Defining” Web 3.0…

The Coach

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