[Note from editor: The “Mastermind Showcase” highlights companies and news from members of GEM Diamond. Today’s showcase: Final Offer]

Final Offer is a customer-facing and agent-driven platform for negotiating home sales that delivers clear, real-time offer alerts for buyers and sellers. It is designed to enhance the home buying and selling experience through transparency and real-time engagement, properties on the platform contain offer histories that are visible. By publicly stating the price and terms they have committed to accept, sellers work with their agents to set a clear stage for negotiations. Buyers and Agents can act faster with real-time updates on price changes and competing offers. For real estate agents, Final Offer facilitates scheduling tours, negotiating offers, and verifying buyers to ensure only serious offers are made.

Currently available in 10 states across the East Coast/Midwest and Ontario, Canada.

What we like: This year agents are rethinking every aspect of their business, so the timing of their inclusion into the REACH program couldn’t be better. More clarity, gamification, and building trust are always going to move the dial when it comes to real estate and human nature. A seasoned executive team, a robust product offering in the competitive offers vertical, and a strong consumer hook of real-time offer alerts in the desired neighborhood is a smart addition that will undoubtedly generate listing leads.

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*Part of the 2024 REACH cohort.