Our most common inquiry among the GEM is, “What proptech VCs should I speak with about my fundraising round?” Because, you know, we are a community of founders who are always raising capital. And we need to figure out which firms will help us reach the next step.

To answer the research side of that question, we built a Proptech VC ecosystem intel article a couple of years ago. We continued fleshing it out over the years, to the point where I now believe it includes virtually every major proptech VC deploying capital.

But the inquiries don’t stop there. We are often asked who within the GEM is working in a particular sector, or very niche information, such as understanding what iterations of co-ownership are already available.

We’ve been slowly churning out resources focused on specific sectors, but it doesn’t feel complete—given the big vision for the robustness and sector variety.

So, starting last week, our collection of Ecosystem Intelligence articles are now a proper Biz Intel series that we will add to as we go.

When it comes to “Series,” we started several years ago with a category product reviews exercise to deliver a panoramic view that includes a mix of direct and indirect competitors and even some of the players on the edge of the small landlord property management software category (huge thanks to Greg Fischer for kick-starting that one). We then moved on to Blueprinting Proptech, which introduced “a structured methodology to analyze early-stage companies paving the future of property technology.”

Both of those are a little different from this series, which is not actually a “deep” analysis of a few companies/products, but rather a succinct summary of many.

Our goal is to describe the companies that make up a given category of innovation, and serve as the most comprehensive holding spot for any related thoughtful analysis, opinion, and knowledge.

As I’ve said before, the next proptech titans are being created today. But, you have to know where to look. And, we do.

Here’s the sector list thus far (links go to members-only content):

  • Proptech VC (Part II): the firms and funds deploying venture capital to innovate the evaluation, buying, selling, renting, and management of both residential and commercial property
  • Fractional Second Homes (Part III): the startups and companies splitting properties into fractions to better utilize real estate assets and bring down ownership costs
  • Homeownership Accelerators (Part IV): the startups and companies innovating on the accrual of down payments, credit repair, assurance of equal/equitable access to loans, and democratizing the offer submittal/acceptance process
  • Tech-Enabled Property Management (Part V): the startups and companies innovating the process of using technology to enhance the leasing and operation of real estate assets for owners for a fee
  • Power Buyers (Part VI): the startups and companies that guarantee the closing of transactions with a “cash backed” offer, both for buying a home without exiting another as well as in a trade-up/trade-in.

Beyond that, we have another few up our sleeves:

  • Part VII: Pre-Fab, Modular, & 3D Printing
  • Part VIII: Home Maintenance/Management
  • Part IX: iBuyers
  • Part X: FlexSpace & Co-Working
  • Part XI: Co-Investment & Home Equity Financial Products
  • Part XII: Co-Living
  • Part XIII: Short-Term Rentals
  • Part XIV: Fractional Investing
  • Part XV: ADUs and Backyard Offices
  • …more to come…

With a diverse and broad lens on all things PropTech, we’re here to serve the 1,500 most forward-thinking, and diverse, innovators.

Interested in diving deeper on any of the categories on the current or future list? We’d love to have you join us.


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