[Note from editor: The “Mastermind Showcase” highlights companies and news from members of the GEM. Today’s showcase: CubiCasa]

Floorplans are a very attractive listing feature for capturing potential leads. Utilizing mobile-scan technology to provide real estate agents and appraisers with an intuitive, easy way to generate a home’s floor plan, CubiCasa allows users to create the floorplan by scanning their home through their phone’s camera. The average scanning takes 5 minutes and the floorplan is generated in under 24 hours.

A basic floor plan is free and add-ons range from $10-15 to have fixed furniture, a 6h target time of completion, or converting floor plan images and areas calculations into a PDF to import into an appraisal report tool. Some agents may have these add-ons included if their MLS has licensed FlōPlan by FBS, powered by CubiCasa. Pay-as-you-go pricing allows users to adjust their floor plan needs based on the listing. If there’s a reason an agent or their client can’t create the floorplan themselves, CubiCasa offers access to certified photographers to create one. 

What we like: With FBS as an equity investor, Floplan powered by Cubicasa has a significant MLS distribution advantage built in.

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