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1000watt launches new site

Veteran real estate marketing firm 1000watt Consulting launched a gorgeous new website this weekend at Go look at it. Nice huh?

Knowing the people behind 1000watt it’s safe to say that they won’t make a big deal about this site launch. They simply deliver the goods. No hype needed.

This is a beautifully executed mobile responsive design which is easy to look at, easy to navigate, easy to read, and totally devoid of filler.


Congratulations to the 1000watt crew for such a strong showing in 2012. 1000watt deployed an agent marketing app – Nudge, hired two new very talented people, and have launched a monster, yet minimal, new website. I recommend subscribing to their blog and just watch these guys closely. They will continue to bring it.

About Greg Fischer

Greg Fischer is a real estate broker in Fort Worth, TX. He is also the head of partnerships at Doorsteps. He loves barbecue, football, spotify, Dr. Dre, TCU, and everything Fort Worth.

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  • Marc

    Hey Greg, this was really nice of you to post. Thanks for searching our site and feeling compelled to write about it. Means a lot us. Marc

    • Marc, my pleasure. I follow the blog, and was pleasantly surprised to see the redesign this morning. Nice touch with the light bulb that gets brighter when you scroll over it.

    • Congratulations Marc — looks great. I like the color choices, and the responsive design on mobile.

  • Congratulations on the new launch. The new design is very slick, a real ‘turn on’!

  • The site looks great. Classy as always. You guys should be very happy with how it turned out.

  • Nice clean design. Simplicity sometimes is better than lots of fuss.

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