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A Few More CRM Thoughts

As you probably already know, I’ve been evaluating CRMs the last couple weeks. The use case we were looking to solve for 360modern is tracking leads/prospects and convert them to buyer/seller clients — giving us visibility into future cashflow (closings) in the process. We were specifically not looking for a product to run the whole business.

360modern is a referral business model. We generate buyer and seller leads and either service those clients ourselves through HRWard (Heidi Ward Real Estate) or refer buyers/sellers to agents with an understanding of architecture and design. HRWard is a three person team (plus some of my help with tech) – Heidi does the sales, Rick does marketing/operations/finance, and a licensed assistant helps with closings and marketing.

I thought I’d put a few more thoughts down in terms of learnings digging deeper into the list of potential CRMs.

Chime: The product is a full suite of IDX, CRM, and email marketing that is undercutting the competition (BoomTown) significantly on price.

Learn more.

Liondesk: Again, this product is a full suite – not just a CRM. That’s good and bad. It’s powerful, but I got overwhelmed with the product fairly quickly.

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Contactually: I heard from a few people I trust the product is great, but I quickly got bogged down with all the various ways the product helps businesses. At $99/month, it’s worth a shot for agents seeking to invest heavily in nurturing their own personal networks.

Learn more.

Realvolve: At $89 per month for 3 users, and 1 assistant – it’s certainly an affordable option worth considering. The products strength lies on the transaction management for teams area — given our pipeline focus, I deemed the product overkill for 360modern’s/HRWard’s near term needs.

Learn more.

Followupboss: doesn’t support Office365 integration — so they didn’t get a serious evaluation given 360modern runs on Office365.

Learn more.

Dynamics: It quickly became apparent Dynamics was too complicated and overkill for what we needed. The pricing page is clear it’s targeted at much, much larger companies (best value being $70 per month per user for companies with 500-999 employees).

Learn more.

Though not on my original list, Bryn’s recommendation of Pipedrive led me to an evaluation. Pipedrive costs $25 per user per month, so we’re looking at $100 per month for a tool to manage our pipeline after the trial. I love what I see so far, and will keep you posted as to whether we like it after using it daily for a few weeks/months.

What questions about CRM’s do you have?

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