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AgentFolio Shuts Its Doors. I Was Wrong?

Buyfolio-logo-300x231I was bullish on AgentFolio in 2013. See this article for details.

It was announced AgentFolio (formerly Buyfolio) is to be discontinued (via GeekWire).

Was I wrong in my bullishness?

Maybe, but I still think less is more when it comes to search — and buyfolio was onto something potentially big. I’m wondering if the product is truly being shuttered, or if components of it will resurface down the line as part of Zillow’s core search functionality? I suppose only time will tell.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this one?

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  • Dean Ouellette

    I was a big big fan when I first saw it. Jumped in heavy. 2 months later I was done. Worked greater in theory than reality.

  • I don’t think Zillow needs to have “portfolio companies”. They’ll probably roll the same tools out for their premier agents and let them create some kind of curated search (your first post) within the Zillow-branded sphere.

  • Shelley

    I used Buyfolil and Agentfolio with great success. My clients love it. I’m sorry they’re phasing it out. I think Zillow just wants agents to search using Zillow and Trulia – which isn’t a great option in Manhattan (NYC).

    • Agreed, Shelley – we thought this was a cool concept. Funny timing but we’re actually about to release an agent/client collaboration feature set on Perchwell (and we’re focused on New York). Would love to tell you more.

      • Shelley

        Call me. 646-737-9682

  • I don’t think you were wrong. I think the focus of marketing and personnel at Z are just on other valuable things. I think a search service curated by an agent, with updates pushed to their clients, available on desktop, mobile, and tablet, with client feedback and collaboration, can be a hit. We’re betting on it with Cloud Streams.

    • Awesome. Glad to hear I’m not the only one that thinks there is an opportunity worth chasing.

  • Drew, et al, we hope you will be bullish on Relola too as we step into the space left vacant by Agentfolio.

    • Looked at your landing page. I’m not sure exactly what the product is.

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