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The American Dream, and NAR

NAR has a few new commercials focused on home ownership (see here to watch the videos and here for Inman coverage) .

After watching the commercials, I still wonder…

What exactly does being a Realtor mean? Why do I need a Realtor to own a home?

PS: Last I checked, the whole point of advertisements was ensure as many people as possible are exposed to the brand — yet, when I tried to embed the videos here (to a new audience, for free), I got the following screen:

Go figure.

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  • LOL on the video sharing.

    The commercials left me with the same feeling you had. I guess they are trying to say to live the American dream you need a Realtor. No idea why, but maybe leaving it a mystery works better for us.

    They can run these commercials now, but should make sure they pull them when the next down market hits, because owning a home was not a dream come true for everyone who bought prior to the last down turn.

    • Yea, it’s pretty nuts if you ask me. I wonder how much they are spending on airtime for these.

      • deidrew

        You can embed them from YouTube (, just not the Vimeo apparently.

        There’s something oddly facile and snarky about these that I can’t quite put my finger on. I find it interesting to contrast these with the Zillow commercials which are almost universally heartstring tuggers either people moving on from loss and into a new house or moving up/aspirational. You could also contrast these with the the California Association of Realtors campaigns which show the interconnectedness of real estate and how the realtor ties it all together.

        The group that does it best right now I think is ReMax with their value of a ReMax agent campaign . It’s a little cheesy but effective as far as putting forth what a realtor does and how it goes far beyond opening doors.

    • That’s the best one yet.

    • This is a good one, although I see no way to measure the success of this ad.

      The goal is obviously to convince people that might not use a Realtor to use one, but I see no way to know if it actually works.

      Most viewers are probably going to use a Realtor anyway, and for the small percentage that do not want to be represented, I am not sure this will convince them they need a Realtor.

      This makes Realtors feel good, but I wonder how much they are spending and if the return on their investment is worth it.

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