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An Apple Watch Real Estate App Idea



As you probably know, the first apps are already built for the Apple Watch, with countless more in development as I write these words.

Here’s a real estate app idea…

No, it’s not consumer facing. I will wager a guess that one of the first widely adopted apps in the real estate industry with be a simple lead router. The app I’m envisioning would do 2 things:

1. Pop a notification that shows a new incoming lead, where it’s coming from, and a way to see a little more about the buyer/seller – such as any comments left related to what specifically they are interested in.

2. Give the manager/broker a way to easily assign that lead to any one of their many agents. In the background, that would send that specific agent an text/email/push notification that they have a new lead to follow up on. It could even give them the option to accept it if they are available to immediately deal with it, or deny it which would in turn automatically assign it to another agent who was free at the time.

Any takers? Anyone working on such an app already?


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  • We already have your app working on an any smart phone, via both Email and Text at the same time. So it seems to me the advantage the watch would offer is you do not have to pull your phone out of your pocket to see and respond to the lead.

    You will have to have your phone on you because the I believe the watch will not function on its own, so it is not like you can leave your phone in the car.

    Also our agents either have a smart phone or tablet with them because you never know when you will need to bring up a home and show the client information on it. For this the tablet works best because of screen size, so I assume the watch would be the worst option to use because of screen size.

    Many agents put their phone on Do Not Disturb or simply ignore it anyway if they are with a client. They then focus on their notifications when they a not in front of the client, thereby being able to give their full attention to their client. It seems the watch would distract them, unless they also turn it off, in which case again there is no need to be wearing it.

    For driving in the car most agents have a newer car that pairs with their phone and has something like HondaLink to receive calls, text messages, etc.

    So my opinion is while there is no reason our app could not work with the watch if someone has one, there is also no reason to force our team members to all run out and buy an Apple Watch (and an iPhone if they are using an Android phone).

    • Anonymous Guy

      isn’t this what might doom the Apple watch anyway? How it would replace your phone?

      • True, the same logic could be applied to many of the apps that are being talked about for the Apple Watch.

  • Jocel Roberts

    It is really nice to see or read news like this. This is one good proof that Hong Kong commercial real estate is also evolving and all are set to continue to revolutionize the real estate industry for many years to come.

  • Is Apple trying to do everything?


    Thats pretty interesting!

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