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Is Anyone in Real Estate Thinking about the Commitment Curve?

This may be a bit too geeky, but is anyone thinking about the commitment curve?


Credit: Connor Partners

Carrie Jones, one of the best community builders I know, has some thoughts worth reading here.

How are you thinking about long term engagement, relationship building, and community building?

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  • We don’t get that detailed. We think first about leads hearing about us by being introduced to our website. Then when they sign up on our website we try to send them listings that meet their needs.

    If/when they reach out to us, at that point we focus on building rapport with them by getting to know them even better.

    We feel the better the rapport, the better chance we have they use us.

  • Carrie

    Super interesting question, Drew. Can’t wait to see more responses. In real estate, I imagine customers aren’t “coming back” again and again to buy more real estate (except at the highest income levels perhaps), but there could be enormous value in having the top of your commitment curve be an ambassador program or expert program of sorts to spread the word in specific communities.

    • Yup, the biggest challenge in the real estate industry is almost always frequency.. once every 5-7 years for most people.

  • This was an awesome read! Thanks for sharing!

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