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Buyer / Seller Dashboard with Notifications and Calendar?

From Fred Glick:

I am wondering if you know of any system for documents for a transaction where the buyers/sellers, etc. have a dashboard that they can look at in addition to calendar reminders?

There are systems now for the mortgage biz, makes sense for real estate.

Anyone from the Geek Estate community know of such a product offering?

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  • Yes, Teamwork has that.

    We use it now and choose it over dotloop as dotloop does not have good templates to start the escrows with as far as I could tell from the salesperson at dotloop.

    Our escrows have over 50 tasks, there is no way I am going to enter them by hand nor enter the due dates by hand for each escrow. We also use tags for each task and the templates in Teamwork support that too.

    Teamwork also tracks all our emails to our client and everything is easy for the client to see in their Activity tab.

    Even if they never log into Teamwork they will still be totally up to date via the emails they get each time we add a comment or complete a task, plus we are now sending a weekly screencast overview of where they are in their escrow so they can see the timeline and our comments without even looking in Teamwork.

    • How do you setup the due date on the template? isn’t the due date (contingency deadline) different between escrow since it depend on what in the contract?

      • Most escrows for us go on a 45 day period and for all our buyers we use the same default due dates, such as inspection due 12 days after acceptance.

        So we do the template based on this default. If the contract states 15 days, then we have to update that due date once we import the template.

        Another neat feature of Teamwork is bulk edit. For example if the escrow is now going to take 60 days to close instead of 45, all the dates can automatically be adjusted based on adding 15 days to all the tasks due at once so we do not have to update each task individually.

  • The product we worked on at the Inman Connect event could evolve into something like that:
    I’m going to spend the next few weeks trying to whip up support to get it finished as a valued open source real estate project.

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