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Cable News, and Fear

This isn’t really related to real estate tech, so if that’s what you’re looking for today, you can head elsewhere.

Seth Godin’s post yesterday was about Cable News. More specifically, fear and what’s causing it:

What if the fear and malaise and anger isn’t merely being reported by cable news…

What if it’s being caused by cable news?

What if ubiquitous video accompanied by frightening and freaked out talking heads is actually, finally, changing our culture?

Which came first, the news or the news cycle?

We seem to accept the hegemony of bottom-feeding media as some natural outgrowth of the world we live in. In fact, it’s more likely an artifact of the post-spectrum cable news complex in which bleeding and leading became business goals.

Don’t buy into the media garbage that the world’s going to end if you don’t do X, Y, and Z today. Really, all they care about is whether you read their headlines and click through to their article — which is probably irrelevant to your life that day. (see my thoughts on why Twitter’s growth challenge is entirely explainable).

Are you operating your life, and business, from a position of fear?

If so, rethink that decision.

Fear is a liar.

And, please, don’t tell me it’s not a decision. Everything is a decision.

If you want to change, “decide” to change. The rest will take care of itself — IF you truly, truly decide it should.

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