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FlyHomes Offers Sellers Guaranteed Closing

by Drew Meyers on 11:23 pm October 29, 2017

How often do deals fall through due to financing? 5%? 10%? 20%? FlyHomes is guaranteeing the financing for their buyers to give them an edge in a bidding war (via GeekWire). If a seller agrees to an offer and the deal falls through for any reason, Flyhomes will purchase the home no matter what. That certainly makes it more likely sellers would choose a FlyHomes offer, even if it’s not the highest. That’s a win for buyers in a competitive market like Seattle — and hence a … Read More »

Maxwell – Anonymously Ask a Loan Officer

by Drew Meyers on 5:48 pm February 18, 2016

Finally. Someone is headed the right direction with giving consumers what they want: access to advice from trusted experts, on their terms (NOT giving up their contact information). See the ask a loan officer page on Maxwell: Well done. Granted, Maxwell only covers mortgages. Now, if only a brokerage or franchise would deploy something similar for consumers to get local advice from professionals (I’ll keep beating the same drum)… Bueller? Redfin? [FYI I found Maxwell via their acceptance into TechStars Boulder 2016]

Innovate for Consumer Mortgage Experience–Not Lead Generation

by Sam DeBord on 11:30 am December 7, 2015

Google announced a new mortgage shopping product in late November. Partly powered by Zillow, it’s an advertising tool for lenders and a product comparison tool for consumers. Zillow already has the products, interest rates, and reviews of nationwide lenders across its mortgage shopping system. It makes perfect sense to integrate these into Google search results more seamlessly, reducing the number of clicks users must make to find the mortgage answer they’re looking for. There’s a lot of money flowing into those companies, as they continue … Read More »

Mortgage Data on Google Compare Powered by Zillow

by Drew Meyers on 8:37 pm November 25, 2015

While most of the industry conversation centers around Zillow’s focus on high performing agent teams, Zillow keeps plugging away with business development efforts to gain more distribution for their mortgage offering. This week’s news was that Zillow Group partnered with Google Compare for mortgage data (press release). They got AOL. I’ve long thought mortgage was the sleeper to the Trulia acquisition. Google Compare is obviously another massive distribution channel. You can bet mortgages is going to be a massive revenue generator over the long term for Zillow … Read More »

The Sleeper to the Trulia Acquisition: Mortgages

by Drew Meyers on 2:45 pm August 7, 2015

This isn’t really news anymore (I meant to finish this post earlier this week), but wanted to call attention to the fact that Zillow Mortgage Marketplace recorded over $10M in revenue this past quarter (see press release here). I’ve long thought mortgages was the massive sleeper component of the Trulia acquisition to make such a large number ($2.5 billion) make sense for Zillow. Trulia’s mortgage center was previously powered by Bankrate. Now, Zillow handles all that traffic with its own mortgage offering — Zillow Mortgage Marketplace. They are certainly not monetizing … Read More »

MRIS Teams With Federal Title On Closing Apps

by Michael Price on 7:37 am September 8, 2014

Mid-Atlantic Multiple Listing Service (MRIS), and Federal Title & Escrow Co. have launched MRIS Close It!, a desktop and mobile app that provides quick and concise closing cost estimates.“MRIS Close It! accurately answers questions real estate agents commonly hear such as ‘how much cash do I need to close?’ and ‘how much can I expect to net from the sale of my home’,” said Andrew Strauch, Vice President of Product Innovation at MRIS. “Through this new core product, our customers now have the ability … Read More »

Cap Rate, GRM (Gross Rent Multiple) Etc.

by Murali Vasudevan on 9:27 pm February 7, 2011

Recently I had a conversation with a loan originator and thought of sharing it with our readers here to see their take on it. According to this originator, most of the online information on commercial properties is inaccurate. He showed me a list of properties in his market with wrong Cap rate and GRM. He thinks that it is easy to calculate these vital pieces of information if you spend some time and use your local market experience. If the potential investors do not get … Read More »

List of Mortgage Website Technology Providers

by Drew Meyers on 11:01 am August 31, 2009

For the mortgage lenders and brokers reading this, I wanted to inquire as to who you use as your website vendor. Here are some of the companies I found that offer website solutions for mortgage lenders: 220 Marketing LeadPress LenderHomePage LionMTS Loan Site Plus Loans Interactive MORsystems Oppenheimer Group vLender Updated: a la mode Mortgagebot What other technology providers are missing from this list? Who do you use and what do you think of them? Please leave your feedback in the comments below! If you’re … Read More »

Podcast Interview: Jeff Corbett of Ratespeed.Com

by Michael Price on 10:04 am August 7, 2008

What’s the best way to describe a new product that is somewhat controversial? Start by describing what it isn’t. Jeff Corbett of Ratespeed took some time to speak with me yesterday about the service they describe as “the transparent mortgage search engine”. Also known as “The X Broker”, Jeff has been working for some time now on a tool designed to allow consumers to price mortgages without providing any personal information. Jeff tells me that his tool will revolutionize an industry that has a need … Read More »

Increasing Business By Defaults

by Brad Andersohn on 12:09 pm May 2, 2008

In August of 2005, the real estate market began to shift and adjust. Notice of Default recordings were on the rise, Trustees Sales began to emerge, then the Foreclosures, REO’s, (Bank Owned) and Real Estate Auctions started to dominate many of our markets across the country. I’ve discovered a way using technology and information, to help increase your real estate business. At the same time, you can be helping people to buy homes, and make a difference in your local market. Here’s how it works. … Read More »

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