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Centriq – Your Home, Smarter

Another attempt at the history of the home opportunity I’ve written previously about: Centriq.

HomeKeepr and HomeZada (see prior coverage here) are two long standing competitors — though there’s other recent entrants as well.

I played with Centriq’s iOS version a bit yesterday. It seems straight forward – manage and track everything related to your home. The challenge is the product needs a lot of data inputted prior to being truly useful for a home owner. Is there enough of an incentive to get home owners to actually fill it with data? Of course, the other big question for everyone working on the history of the home opportunity (without Zillow level reach) is how to reach home owners to use the product in the first place? What’s the urgent pain point they come across that leads them to realize there’s a problem worth solving? Where do they seek that solution?

Anyone else working on this opportunity I’m not aware of?


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