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Class Action Suit Against Zestimates Dismissed

When I first heard the news that someone in Illinios was suing Zillow over a bad Zestimate, my gut was it was a complete frivolous lawsuit that would result in nothing other than wasting both time and money by both parties.

Turns out I was right. The judge dismissed the case.

I’m no fan of lawsuits, and glad to see the judge make the right decision on this one.

(and yes, I realize this post isn’t technically “real estate tech”)

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  • I agree with you about frivolous lawsuits but I disagree with you that your post is not real estate tech. LOL

    Zillow’s automated valuation model, otherwise known as a Zestimate, is pretty technical. So much so that how exactly they arrive at those numbers are kept secret and are probably constantly tweaked to try to improve their results.

    Anyway, I understand the lawsuit is not tech but the AVM is definitely tech so your post is relevant.

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